4 5 0 16 16 - Enjoy more of the fruit with Tropicana Whole Fruit Orange Juice - Deliciously thick, smoothie-like texture - Includes 4 x 150ml bottles - Contains over 50% more fibre than fruit juices and smoothies on average - No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - just 100% fruit
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Ok for a change
The taste itself is really nice and orangey as expected but the consistency is really thick more like a smoothie than a juice.
Great for on the go
I tried these as get a bit tired of fruit drinks that have loads of different fruit in. Sometimes it's nice to go back to basics. I really enjoyed them once i got past the initial consistency. Great for popping in my bag for at work. I'll definitely buy them again
Surprisingly good!
The juice smells delicious, like an orange grove! I was a little put off by the consistency as I don’t like smoothies but it tasted lovely, a real fresh orange drink. It has now become a family favourite. It’s the kind of product where you can feel it’s good for you when you drink it!
Synthetic taste
It was quite nice but the flavour is still very synthetic - not the fresh orange juice that you know is better for you. I don’t think I would buy myself or recommend but it’s definitely not the worst juice on the market.
Great taste but a bit over priced fof the size of them
The shop I work in sell these for £1 each, it’s a bit more expensive than buying a bit of fruit but I enjoyed it all the same 🙌🏽
Good taste, bit too small
Although it tastes good, I’m not convinced about the size. I think it’s a bit expensive for this size
Lovely taste and full of flavour. Also just the right size for my son as he can't drink too much orange juice
I think these Tropicana are the best of the make I have had in a very long time,there is a wonderful party in your mouth with every drop its busting with flavour and the consistency is perfect my children love these in their lunchbox.
It's thick
I had seen in supermarket and decided to buy.My kids liked it but was too thick for me. The texture felt funny so I would not drink this but kids like it for morning drinks .
Very fresh
Lovely little bottle. Tasted like I squeezed it myself. Will definitely buy again.
Loved it!
Although it is a tiny bottle, the flavour was very good and felt like it was a right amount to consume. I am trying to increase my fibre intake, so this little gem really hit the spot!
Real juicy
Tried this as a sample at Asda and loved it immediately. We bought some right away! Only brand of fruit juice I wouls ever buy as I love the tastes of these. My family love them also. 10/10!!
healthy but thick
i'm sure it very healthy, but it's a bit thick for my taste, and the applw one is not an appealing colour
Only fruit juice I like!
I'm not a big fan of fruit juice and it's the last thing I think of drinking. I had seen so many good things about the tropicana whole fruit, I had to give it a go! I loved it. Super refreshing and perfect on the go.

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