4.2 5 0 25 25 - Enjoy more of the fruit with Tropicana Whole Fruit Orange Juice - Deliciously thick, smoothie-like texture - Includes 4 x 150ml bottles - Contains over 50% more fibre than fruit juices and smoothies on average - No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives - just 100% fruit
Tropicana Whole Fruit Orange 4 x 150ml
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Really nice
Loved these, love how thick and refreshing they were. The real orange bits were lovely, great way to get more fruit in your diet.
Fruity goodness
Loved these packed with real orange bits and they taste so much better than just normal concentrate orange juices, loved the portability of the bottles so could just grab and go with breakfast on the run.
Got this month ago from Sainsbury. It is delicious, got very nice and rich taste and those orange bits, yummy.
Juicy juice
We always have these good size bottles in the fridge stocked up,I like the bits of orange in the juice and my kids as little a four loves this juice, I feel it’s better than the sweet drinks you can get out there and healthy for you too,best served chilled,
Ideal for lunch boxes
This product is ideal for lunch boxes and my kids love it. It's not to strong and a healthier option.
Really fruity drink
This orange juice is lovely packed full of goodness and perfect for when your on the go.
Convenient Size
I love these little bottles, 150ml is a serving size so these are fantastic on busy mornings where you can just grab it and go. They are also great for the kids lunchboxes and a healthier alternative to capri sun etc. I have noticed some people seem to have an issue with the texture of this drink but you quickly get used to it. My gran has a whole fruit juicer so I am already used to the fruit fibre in fruit drinks. Will be stocking up on these coming into the colder months as it is a very easy way to get your vitamin c.
Not for me
I didnt like this at all. The texture just didn't feel right and to me it had a funny after-taste.
A squeeze fruit in a bottle
Great to take it with you everywhere without loosing properties.
Ok for a change
The taste itself is really nice and orangey as expected but the consistency is really thick more like a smoothie than a juice.
Great for on the go
I tried these as get a bit tired of fruit drinks that have loads of different fruit in. Sometimes it's nice to go back to basics. I really enjoyed them once i got past the initial consistency. Great for popping in my bag for at work. I'll definitely buy them again
Surprisingly good!
The juice smells delicious, like an orange grove! I was a little put off by the consistency as I don’t like smoothies but it tasted lovely, a real fresh orange drink. It has now become a family favourite. It’s the kind of product where you can feel it’s good for you when you drink it!
Synthetic taste
It was quite nice but the flavour is still very synthetic - not the fresh orange juice that you know is better for you. I don’t think I would buy myself or recommend but it’s definitely not the worst juice on the market.
Great taste but a bit over priced fof the size of them
The shop I work in sell these for £1 each, it’s a bit more expensive than buying a bit of fruit but I enjoyed it all the same 🙌🏽

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