4.8 5 0 59 59 Twister 3ster Strawberry, Vanilla and Mango ice cream lollies are a fun addition to the Twister family. Refreshing mango and strawberry fruit juices blend with vanilla to offer kids a yummy new ice cream to try.
Twister 3ster
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Amazing New Twisters
I love the original twisters but these new flavours are amazing they make your mouth water for more.
Twister 3ster
Bursting with a tangy fruit flavour, perfect for a hot sunny day!
Lovely taste to cool down with on a hot day, and reasonably priced too.
Divine twister sister lolly
First if all we love the name lol sister twister so it's the female version of the original green and yellow ones . Wow!! Still as juicey and they didn't last long in our house. Only thing is the price bit steep and we only buy on offer (shame)
Colorful dizziness
The best ice cream for my children. The perfect combination of milk and fruit.Nice colorful appearance and good packaging.I highly recommend it for children and adults.:):):):)
Wow, these lolly’s are so delicious, They’ve become a stern favourite in my household. My children and husband Love the fun bright colours an the smooth taste that just melts in your mouth. We will be purchasing again very soon.
Kids love it xxx
These are best lolies. Taste is fantastic and also lower in calories! My kids love them!
Roller coaster
It is excellent for the summers kids like it very much it has a combination of flavours.i liked it.
So refreshing
Wonderful for this hot weather to keep you cool, Such a refreshing fruity flavour that go so well together, The size is perfect for kids and also for adults who want a little treat without the guilt of a large ice cream/lolly. Kids loved the flavour also, I will definitely buy more and advise others to buy them. Nice work Walls!
Kids love them
Got last week and kids loved them hat to go out and get some more amazing flaver and right size kids would eat none stop if they could ! Don’t melt fast ether so kids can eat them slower than some lolly’s they tryed and no mess all over great product well worth a buy people
My friend gave me one of these and I have to admit they where lovely I would definitely buy them
Absolutly beautiful, very tasty and refreshing. Highly recommended to everyone and will definitely be purchasing regularly.
Bought these for my granddaughters and we had one yesterday! They are really yummy and tasty. Very fruity and a great size for little hands
Tried these today for the first time, they are sooo yummy and tasty. I purchased only one pack of them and they didn't last very long in my hungry household. Definitely a lovely little treat for yourself or the kids.. That's if you want to share with them.. hehe
Yum yum yum
These are delicious. Taste is fantastic and also lower in calories ( i am following slimming world)and these are a fab option for when i have a sweet craving

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