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Mature is in!
Really good moisturiser for aging skin. I am so glad I found it. Makes my skin feel soft and luxurious.
Great moisturising
Have used this for the past couple of weeks, normally on my legs and arms before I go to bed. It has a lovely smooth feel on my skin and not greasy. This definitely is a fabulous moisturiser and I can feel,the difference on my arms and legs the next morning.
Good for a short amount of time, but won't keep you moisturized for long. After been applied stays for around 20 mins and then leaves a greasy layer on your skin.
best moisturiser
i am an avid user of vaseline moisturisers, i find this one is very hydrating and non greasy this will always be one of my favourites after switching from cocoa butter
Lovely texture to this body cream
Very good moisturiser for very dry skin. I find now I'm in my 50s my shins in particular become very dry. This cream absorbs quickly into the skin leaving it very smooth. Best used after a bath or shower
love this. it goes on well,not greasy or hard to absorb. really makes skin soft and hydrated.
i have used this Vaseline product, i absolutely love the fact that it moisturized my skin so well and hasn't dried it out, it makes my skin more resilient and softer than before and i did have dry skin before so this really helped, it made a difference and i would definitely recommend this for people like me with dry skin
Love this product! Actually works. Excellent moisturizer and reasonably priced too :)
Love this product and can honestly say it has been effective at helping my skin. No grease feeling after use
I use skin cream all over as I verydryskinand have been doing so since I was 14. I like how Vaseline IT for Mature Skin absorbs with no greasy film. Makes skin smooth and soft to touch and makes me feel good. However, I would prefer “Unscented” as I use all over and then cant add perfume as I would smell like perfume counter.
i have tried this on myself and hubbys knees with his job hes always kneeling hence dry knees .My skin is a lot softer and hubbys knees amazing results even look great in shorts.
I suffer from dry ageing mature skin, this lovely lotion is great, it is mild and gentle, it made my skin soft and smooth and hydrated,
I love to try new products and this was really nice to use. Non greasy and very soothing. Made my very old skin feel young again
i love this lotion , applies easily and my skin feels so soft and nourished
I am used before but different cacao butter.Its amazing and good for children sensitive skin.

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