4.1 5 0 156 156 - Unbeatable results - Up to 28 days of smoothness: removes hairs from the root on your upper lip, cheeks and chin - Easy-Gelwax™ technology: unique gel actively grips the shortest hairs* - Our best gel wax formula gives you confidence to achieve great first time results, even for those inexperienced with wax strips - Formulated with Shea Butter
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Great product - not enough wipes
I use these regularly and the wax strips themselves are great. The secret is to make sure you heat them up in your hands so that they’re really tacky before you apply it onto the skin. One strip can cover multiple areas and the hairs were removed with ease. Another tip is make sure you stretch your skin before removing! The only room for improvement would be for more wipes to be in the pack. Would definitely recommend them
Clean face
These are a product that a lady needs in her life, quick and easy to use in minutes.After a-few times of use your skin will get use to the them ,I would recommend these as eventually the hair will become less in future.
Easy at home waxing
These are my chosen facial wax strips. For me, a box can last twice as long as I cut them in half as I feel the length too long for my upper lip area. This also makes it easier to wax this way for me. Only downside is they don't include enough wipes
Best one
I'm using them all the time. Very easy to use and wipes after use a brilliant takes the redness very quickly and moisturise. And smells nice
Works well
These do the job. They aren’t very painful however sometimes it can leave some wax behind. For the price difference to the home brands I would expect that not to happen. It does work well though.
These are a good wax strips for home use and they are a lot cheaper that going to a salon to have it done, they give a good result and saves you some spare money to spend on other things.
Hair free but not pain free
Hair free but does take a few tries. Not an easy quick off in one go solution. I liked the ease of using them but the sizes were not that flexible having a few different sizes of strips would be good.
Veet a Firm Favourite
Veet Easy Gelwax strips are a firm favourite and monthly toiletry addition to my trolley. Would probably never change to another product. The Pink one is one of my favourite!
Nice a smooth
These were brilliant, my top lip was lovely and smooth an not too red so I could go out straight away.
I wish waxing wasn't painful but u can't find anything that doesn't hurt. It s a bit sticky after use, 80% hair removal,handy when you are in a hurry,switched to clasic wax.
not the greatest of wax strips
these wax strips are okay, they get the job done but i found that i needed to use several wax strips to make sure all of the hair is completely removed. And compared to my go to superdrug wax strips, these seem almost painful
I bought this product as my beautician is on holiday and my armpits needed some attention. I think it would be difficult to use this product on your own, it I enlisted my husbands help and had amazing results. As recommended on the instructions I made sure my armpits were completely dry by using a small amount of talc and then applied the strip rubbing gently in the direction of the hair growth. Absolutely fantastic results with all but 1 hair removed at a fraction of the price you would pay in a salon. Well done veet On a superb product
Ok product
These do the job but I ended up having to use a couple of strips to go over each area a couple of times and tweezers at the end as the wax didn't remove all hairs. But they definitely did a good chunk of the work. I found there wasn't enough of the removal wipes so used baby oil and tissue to remove the remaining wax. But ok for a DIY home job
These are good if you know how to wax!
I use these all the time, eyebrows,lip,underarms and legs. if you know how to wax correctly then there should be no issues I like this product and have no issues and maybe because I've been waxing for 10 plus years, any oily product will take the remaining sticky residue away. You must stretch as much as possible before pulling the strip off, it's not as easy as most think. that's how most of yous are left with no skin because it been applied and literally ripped off.
Good for touch up
These are good but be prepared to use more than one strip and tweezers to finish off. If you haven't got the time to go to a salon or you want to get rid of your partners unibrow they will definitely be good for the job

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