4.1 5 0 156 156 - Unbeatable results - Up to 28 days of smoothness: removes hairs from the root on your upper lip, cheeks and chin - Easy-Gelwax™ technology: unique gel actively grips the shortest hairs* - Our best gel wax formula gives you confidence to achieve great first time results, even for those inexperienced with wax strips - Formulated with Shea Butter
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Easy to use!
I've used these wax strips for a while now and I must admit I prefer them to others that I've used. They are pretty effective at getting all of the hair and don't cause me to break out or have any bad skin reaction. Good value for money!
Wax strips
I have always found these easy to use.No fuss . Great finish.Thumbs up to this product.
Very heplful on the go
I needed an urgent solution while out for a training course . I Must admit that it was the only product I found on a rush but I was surprised how eficient and easy to use it is.
I tried these as I hate to say age has brought out chin whiskers. I decided to try these and followed the instructions warmed the strips between my hands and placed where needed. Unfortunately it didnt remove all of them so i tried again which resulted in my skin affectively getting a friction burn and the stubborn whisker staying. Wouldnt try again.
Always use these
I always go back to Veet. Other brands just don’t work as well. The smell is nice, the wax works well. These are nice and small but other sets with the bigger strips are better value and you can just cut them down to size. There aren’t ever enough after wipes, hence not 5 stars.
Easy to use
Easy to use but doesn't give smoothness for as long as described. Struggles to pick up the shorter hairs, and leaves a lot of residue behind which is difficult to remove, even with oily wipes included
Does what it se box
I buy these regularly for my eye brows they smell nice they do the job they’re supposed to and they come with some little wipes to wipe away any excess wax which I think is good have recommended to friends
Better options out there
This product is ok, it does what it is supposed to do but you can get similar wax strips for a lot cheaper with more strips in the box. They smell nice, and don’t leave you too sore after use.
good for annoying little hairs. can leave you looking for for half a day
It’s not great to be honest, mainly it made me have red bumps on my skin. I think if you had longer hair for it to cling to it might work but otherwise I think this is a bit naff
Thought I would try these as a new product to myself, I must say I am disappointed 😔 it didn’t work as well as I thought it would.
I have sensitive skin and this is great, rfor me it leaves no red marks after. Use them all the time (when needed!)
Love love love this
Having tried various brands for hair removal I always end up going back to these as the results are fantastic. I can usually remove hair with only one application so they last and the wipes remove any wax left over on my face and get rid of the redness straight away.
Easy to use!
These are so easy to use and the results last for quite a long time. Only issue is that the pricing is a little high compared to similar products, however they don’t have the same branding.
Good but not for sensitive skin
This product does exactly what it says but I would not reccomend it for sensitive skin. I developed redness on my upper lip which did not go for a couple of hours. Just be wary of skin types.

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