4.1 5 0 156 156 - Unbeatable results - Up to 28 days of smoothness: removes hairs from the root on your upper lip, cheeks and chin - Easy-Gelwax™ technology: unique gel actively grips the shortest hairs* - Our best gel wax formula gives you confidence to achieve great first time results, even for those inexperienced with wax strips - Formulated with Shea Butter
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Smooth upper lip
I use these too wax my upper lip they are lovely and small just to get to the hair ,neat and easy to use . My only negative is the wipes they leave my skin very greasy.But I still buy these as they suit me well.
Good but not for sensitive skin
These work effectively, but left me with a slight rash which turned into a few spots. I do have sensitive skin so wouldn’t recommend to others with sensitive skin
Very easy to use
The extra grip makes this much easier to use. I would definitely buy these again
Very good, perfect for my face
I have a very sensitive face when it comes to waxing strips but I did find this one extremely good and it didn’t burn my eyebrows like the last one I used, so I will definitely be buying this one again,
Great product
It's really easy to use and leaves a good smoothness sensation on the skin.
it does what it's meant to, but does sometimes miss the smaller hairs
Great product!
I love these, they smell good and they work. My skin feels fresh and smooth after using them.
Hair does get removed but from my experience can leave dark patches on area treated.
Didn't Work
Wanted a way to get rid of facial hair, but these strips did not catch onto or remove any hair and just left me with the wax residue on my face. Disappointed with this product.
It's good for face but it doesn't work on legs and arms. But I cleans all upper lips
Messy and not worth the money
Not all hair in the area was removed and the wax strips are very messy, they left a lot of residue on my skin; even after wiping. Also there are not enough strips in the box for it to be worth the price.
Nice to use
I like these wax strips. They're smooth and easy to use...always gives good results. I like the ease of use. Could do with more strips within the box. I would recommend this product.
Can't use product
Bought the product before I went on holiday hoping I didn't have to shave. 2 days later raver out even though it smelt OK I came back home and a trip to the doctors. I am allergic to it.
Really it for me
So I bought this because I have a bit of facial hair going on, the product says it grabs very short hair soo though 'brilliant, let's go'. Now I don't know if I didnt warm it up enough with my hands or what but I got the strip on my chin, and pulled (in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair as recommended) not one hair was on that strip, so I tried it again, not a thing, I even tried heating the strips upon the radiator incase I wasn't doing it properly, my chin was still as hairy as one of the three little pigs! I then thought, 'well, I can't waste these, so I decided to try and wax my eyebrow... Let's just say, after missing a lot of eyebrow and managing to catch some of my hair from my head into the strip I've given up, I've rarely experienced more frustration than when using this product.... Hated it.
great and easy to use
I use it for eyebrows and upper lip it work perfect and does not give me irritation or soreness.

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