4.2 5 0 31 31 Delicious and smooth. A whole lot of coconut. With added calcium & vitamins. Coconut perfection no taste bud can resist. Gluten, dairy and soy free. No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars. No preservatives or colours. Suitable for vegetarians. Kosher.
Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative
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Tastes great
I purchased this with the plan to use it as a refreshing drink rather than an alternative to milk. It was an enjoyable drink, I made sure I chilled it and served it with ice. It’s very tasty.
So tasty
Love this milk alternative, so refreshing and smooth to drink
I have used and still use for making smoothies. This gives it a month re durable thickness as it's a water and not a milk it helps go down another when my children are feeling poorly/unwell it's hard to get them to eat anything so I use this cocount water to make them a banana smoothie. The kids as well as myself live it as it's not so thick like when you use milk.
Just ok
I found it alright to drink however in tea found it too thin and didn't taste nice. It's nice to have alone and refreshing not bad but I've tasted much better
I absolutely love coconut products. This one is no exception! Really health you and tastes great. Super refreshing.
Healthy alternative
Light, refreshing taste. Great on cereal, cooking and in drinks.
Tastes amazing, goes down a treat when thirsty and also very refreshing. Love the easy pour spout that's designed, so can be poured into a glass or drink straight out of the carton. Carton is also foiled sealed to keep drink fresh for longer.
One of the best flavours of many I have tried.Nice fresh taste,used it for cereal,porridge,rice pud and a drink
This is a great refreshing drink . Coconut taste not to strong which is why I like it .
The coconut taste isn’t as strong as with other brands, but that’s not a bad thing. This makes a delicious cup of coffee. I would prefer if the consistency was a little thicker but that’s all.
Refreshing taste
Nice taste. Not as earthy as some coconut drinks and with a good refreshing feel.
Light in taste
I was expecting a more coconutty flavour but it is still nice in drink and sauces. It is actually multi-purpose.
Great Substitute
This milk alternative is a great substitute for those who do not wish to have dairy in their diet. The coconut flavour is not overpowering, the milk is smooth (no bits) but a little thin in comparison to semi-skimmed milk. Definitely a good option for using with smoothies and can certainly be used in a cup of tea (I prefer this to almond milk in my tea)
Tasty Substitute
This product tastes good on its own and also in combination with other beverages.
Even My Husband Loves It
Really nice coconut drink. The coconut taste is not overpowering. Our coffee or tea is perfectly enjoyable with this milk alternative. Vita Coco is refreshing even on its own. Both Hubby and me can recommend.

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