4.8 5 0 73 73 Great tasting Multi-vitamin supplement for children aged 3-7 years Wellkid® Peppa Pig™ Multi-vitamins provide 12 vitamins, including vitamins A, C and D Includes all 8 B-complex vitamins, plus vitamins A, C, D and E. Provides vitamin D3, the preferred from of vitamin D produced naturally by the body. Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. Also provides Inulin fibre.
Vitabiotics Wellkid Peppa Pig Multivits
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cute for kids
i won these in a comp and i must admit my children did like them they are also perfect aswell it was good that my childen were getting there vitamins and they liked that it was peppa pig aswell
My kid is a peppa pig fan and loves them. Lovely jelly flavor and easy to chew. Easy to load up on daily vitamins as it’s difficult to get kids eating lots of fruits and vegetables. I love the fact that they are vegetarian.
I brought these for my little boy and they are ideal as he thinks there a treat and he likes the taste.
Brilliant for children. Always use and will continue to use.
Happy baby
Bought these for the daughter who as been getting colds etc, she loved the taste and happy to chew on them, pity she would not do the same with her veg then I would not need them, kids eh !
Perfect for fussy toddlers!
We love the well kid vitamins in our house. With one very fussy toddler it’s been hard to make sure that he is getting enough vitamins in his diet but these chewable ones (which he thinks are sweeties) are a great peace of mind! They taste good & he loves that they are peppa pig sweeties so never complains!
Kids love them
My kids love these. A bit of peace of mind for me too.
Whilst these are for kids, I have to admit that as an adult, I love them too. They taste like jelly sweets and the kids love them.
Lovely tasting
Lovely tasting, well marketed I.e for small kids, daughter loves them. And i know she is getting the vital vitamins she needs. Rather on the pricey side unless you buy on an offer.
So handy
I have a very fussy eater of a child and worry about he’s vitamin intake and found these perfect as he thinks they are sweets and they are disguised in he’s favorite character he happily takes them
"Don't like em"
As said by my 3 year old. Was told by health visitor to give her more vitamins as she always has a cold or some kind of sore throat. Explained to her that these would help her feel better she saw peppa pig and was so excited to try them. Firstly for a 3 year old they are quite thick, maybe if they looked more like sweets would have been easier to get her to try them, anyway eventually my stubborn little miss put it in her mouth and immediately spat this soggy half chewed gummy thing into my hand. (GROSS). Needless to say she refused another one the day after stating she didn't like them. Waste of money and won't ?be buying again.
Peppa pig
As my 2 year old is a big Peppa pig fan these are ideal to encourage her to take a mulitvit
Kids hated them
I bought these for the kids thinking that because if the Peppa pig branding they would take them. How wrong was I. Kids won't take them at all and said they taste horrible so for me I won't buy again
Amazing! So happy I found these for my girls and they love them! Vegan too!! Win win !
Very nice and tasty. My daughter age 3 loves them .

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