4.9 5 0 51 51 Great tasting Multi-vitamin supplement for children aged 3-7 years Wellkid® Peppa Pig™ Multi-vitamins provide 12 vitamins, including vitamins A, C and D Includes all 8 B-complex vitamins, plus vitamins A, C, D and E. Provides vitamin D3, the preferred from of vitamin D produced naturally by the body. Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. Also provides Inulin fibre.
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All in one.
This is really good product. My children doesnt really like taking any sort of vitamins but with Peppa Pig character they start to take it with no issue. Will highly recommend this product. G
Perfect for little ones
I struggle to get my 2 littlest people to take vitamins. But these really appeal to them i mean what 3 and 6 year old doesnt like peppa?!? . Fruity and most importantly for me they are veggie so no nasty ingredients
my daughter wouldnt take vitamins so to find these,she was willing to take them,they make taking vitamins fun for kids
Healthy treat for the kids
We bought these for my daughter. She's a huge fan of peppa and is so excited to get one of these each evening after dinner. They taste really nice so she even thinks of them as a treat which is a great 2 for 1 when you know she's getting her vitamins too!
Kids vitamins
Great vitamins for young children, the packaging is good for children that don't like taking meds etc. Smell lovely too! Great for children that need extra vitamins. Highly recommended
Kids loved these a bit too much
This product is great for kids that are picky eaters. Gets extra vitamins in them where they are fussy. But they are so nice that my kids asked for more. I tryed one and they are super yummy! Unfortunately I couldnt give them or myself more but yeah would recomend to familys with children!
Excellent product
The children love these they think they are sweets so they more than happy to take them each morning. It is great to get all the vitamins they need easily
The best veggie kids its
We are a vegetarian household and so I struggle to get vitamins that are suitable as most are full of gelatine. My toddler actually thinks these are sweets so they must taste good which also means I have no issue with him taking one a day - in fact the only issue I have with these vitamins is that he always wants more than one a day. They contain all the essential vitamins a growing child needs also.
My kiss love these and asks every morning to have one
I give one every Day for my son. He Very like this.
Every morning “can I have a peppa sweet?”
The easiest way to get multi-vitamins into a child. Our daughter begs us for these as we call them “Peppa sweets”. These are brilliant. Thank you! If you’re a parent needing to get vitamins in your little one, buy these!
piry Contains the best kind of vitamin D ( D3) and they have published test by independent labs showing the body can absorb this and it’s available for the entire shelf life of the product. It also tastes great and my kids think it’s a sweety treat so they behave very well to get one every day :)
Absolutely fantastic product. Using peppa pig to make vitamins more attractive to children is a fantastic idea. The jelly like sweet feel means my children felt like they were getting a reward rather than a multivitamin
Choc spread
Well as its all about pepper pig in our house, the kids seen it on the shelf while shopping, so we had to buy it. Kids did love it and they would of had it for every meal if I'd let them, I did like it had multi vitamins in but we used it in moderate portions.
Taste is not good
My daughter was so excited to see these in our local health store so of course I bought her two pots due to them being in offer. They have sat in our cupboard since. The taste is not good at all and after tasting them myself I do not blame her for not wishing to eat them. It's a shame as the packaging is great and make a child interested.

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