4.9 5 0 63 63 Great tasting Multi-vitamin supplement for children aged 3-7 years Wellkid® Peppa Pig™ Multi-vitamins provide 12 vitamins, including vitamins A, C and D Includes all 8 B-complex vitamins, plus vitamins A, C, D and E. Provides vitamin D3, the preferred from of vitamin D produced naturally by the body. Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. Also provides Inulin fibre.
Vitabiotics Wellkid Peppa Pig Multivits
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Peppa pig
As my 2 year old is a big Peppa pig fan these are ideal to encourage her to take a mulitvit
Kids hated them
I bought these for the kids thinking that because if the Peppa pig branding they would take them. How wrong was I. Kids won't take them at all and said they taste horrible so for me I won't buy again
Amazing! So happy I found these for my girls and they love them! Vegan too!! Win win !
Very nice and tasty. My daughter age 3 loves them .
Peppa pig vitamins
Brought this to try and get picky grandaughter to take vitamins. As she adores peppa was surprisingly easy a big thumbs up
appealing to kids and helpful for parents
Excellent packaging which allows me to confidently give my young child the extra vitamins he needs. Never a grumble when he's to take one. He actually looks forward to it. I'm assured they taste yummy!
Perfect for little ones
My very fussy daughter loves these. She never forgets to ask to ask for it after her breakfast. Doesn’t taste like a vitamin so she is happy to take it and I’m happy As I know she’s getting some essential lost nutrients!
My daughter loves them!
I like to give my super fussy 5 year old a multivitamin - but some days I forget in the morning rush ... she loves these Peppa Pig multivitamins so much she remembers for me every day! I am happy that she gets all the nutrients she needs whatever she chooses to eat that day and she is happy as she has her 'Peppa sweetie vitamin'!
My daughter loves her multivitamin
We have tried many multivitamin jellies but my daughter choose these as her favourite. It might be the Peppa pig effect or really they taste good. She treats them as a treat not daily vitamins
Vitabiotics Wellkid Peppa Pig Multivits
My little girls love them ❤️ The first multivitamin they want to eat.
Amazing product. My kids loved it. Fun and delicious vitamins that kids want to take because of it’s great peppa pig shape and taste. Highly recommend
It also tastes great, and my kids think it's a sweet feast, so they behave very well to get it every day :)
All in one.
This is really good product. My children doesnt really like taking any sort of vitamins but with Peppa Pig character they start to take it with no issue. Will highly recommend this product. G
Perfect for little ones
I struggle to get my 2 littlest people to take vitamins. But these really appeal to them i mean what 3 and 6 year old doesnt like peppa?!? . Fruity and most importantly for me they are veggie so no nasty ingredients
my daughter wouldnt take vitamins so to find these,she was willing to take them,they make taking vitamins fun for kids

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