4.4 5 0 156 156 - Delicious Walkers Hint of Salt crisps delicately seasoned with natural sea salt - Walkers Hint of Salt crisps contain 25% less salt than regular potato crisps - A wonderfully tasty snack with reduced salt. Enjoy between meals or with a light working lunch - Contain no artificial colours, preservatives or MSG. Suitable for vegetarians. - Each Walkers multipack contains 6 individual 25g packets
Walkers Hint of Salt Natural Sea Salt Crisps
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Less Salt But...
Although healthier, they're not as nice as the original ones. They are crunchy, light and not greasy but definitely have less flavour. I guess if you're watching your health then these are good but if crisps are treat for you, there's better out there!
Great Lunch Box Buy
I bought this as a change to salt and shake for my husband and he really liked them, I also tried them myself as did my 16 year old son and all agreed they are a buy again product. Tasty and hopefully a healthiier version.
These taste amazing if not just the same as the original ones and the fact that they contain less salt is just a bonus
Not greasy and the right amount of salt as most ready salted are too salty and greasy, they taste great, one of my favourite crisps
Walkers hint of salt
Not normally a fan of salted crisp but these taste exceptionaly good. Not greasy. Very tasty
Crisps taste exactly like ready salted crisps, the less salt does not compromise the taste
Very nice, fresh tasting and obviously less salty crisp.
Non rateable
I though I would try these but it was big mistake they taste of nothing. I may as well oven a thin bit of potatoe up. A bit more flavour would be good at the moment I wouldn't recoment them
Great product . I can't say it tasted any different to ready salted crisps . . It had the usual walkers taste and the quality you come to expect . . A good way to have a treat .
fanytastic crisp
I had opportunity to try Walkers Hint of Salt Natural Sea Salt Crisps and I can tell you that those are mine favourites now,some of the crisps are to salty for me or for my kids so this is perfect product with less salt.
Nicest ready salted product!
I recently had the opportunity to try these crisps. They are only lighly salted, unlike ready salted, which are a bit too salty. I prefer these crisps as they have 25% less salt as well as having a great taste!
Absolutely delicious
I find a lot of Walkers crisps too salty so when I saw these I decided to give them a try. They are perfect just the right amount of salt and still selicious taste and crunchiness
I'm on diet. Sea salt is the best point on my diet. Kitchen salt is most dangerous product in kitchen, that why I'm using just sea salt. In my home we need to have bag of crisps so sea salt crisps+ diet= awesome
Very nice but I’ve had better
These crisps are very nice but there are many varieties of salted crisps out there that are far nicer and therefore I am more likely to purchase those instead of these crisps, however I wouldn’t turn down a pack neither
Like it
I love Walkers crisp especially ready salted and this one are great with less salt. My favorite from now one.

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