4.4 5 0 153 153 - Delicious Walkers Hint of Salt crisps delicately seasoned with natural sea salt - Walkers Hint of Salt crisps contain 25% less salt than regular potato crisps - A wonderfully tasty snack with reduced salt. Enjoy between meals or with a light working lunch - Contain no artificial colours, preservatives or MSG. Suitable for vegetarians. - Each Walkers multipack contains 6 individual 25g packets
Walkers Hint of Salt Natural Sea Salt Crisps
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Low salt + tasty
I have been searching a low salt variety as I'm finding so many of the ready Salted crisps are absolutely drenched in salt and becoming over salty to enjoy eating. These are perfect for me just enough salt to give a nice flavour and enjoyable to eat. Similar to smiths salt n shake packs!
Remind me of Salt n shake
Its a good product if you want to reduce salt intake and still enjoy a packet of crisps. The taste reminds me of the old Smiths Salt n Shake Crisps that you got with the little blue packet of salt.
Walkers Crisps Hint of Salt
Just enough salt to taste, able to taste the potato. Remained crunchy.

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