3.7 5 0 15 15 Delicious Walkers Hint of Salt crisps delicately seasoned with olive oil and herbs. Walkers Hint of Salt crisps contain 25% less salt than regular potato crisps.
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Didn’t know what to expect but they have a nice subtle flavour without the 25% less salt being noticeable to taste.
I recently bought these for my partner when we stopped at Tesco... He loved them! He asked me to try them, so I did. They have a good crunch and the flavor not too bad either. Its one of those things when you either like them or you don't as people have different tastes.
Wasn't sure what to expect with the herb flavouring but they were actually very nice. Just the right amount of salt and herbs.
Jury is out at the moment nice but for me not enough herbs . May try other flavours may get a different outcome
Best crisps ever.
These are hands down the nicest crisps I've had in a while, crunchy flavorsome and just what you want in a bag of crisps and the fact they are Walkers go down really well in our house. Would certainly recommend.
Taste is good, but I thought they more less fat no just salt.
Walker - Hint of Salt with Olive oil and herb crisp
Its not bad but the taste is not much flavour and need more flavour for herb but hint of salt is good though and enough crisp in the bag too.
Love the fact they have perrcent less salt
Walkers have produced a winning combination here, twenty five percent less salt and great flavour. Really tangy and flavoursome. Healthier than traditional crisps .
Not great
These didn’t taste as I expected.had a strange after taste and lingers in the mouth.my partner and kids also didn’t like them.
Nice tasting but the after taste hangs around for a while. Not sure if i like them or not. Thw kids do
Lovely flavour, reminded me of foreign holidays. Engle, subtle flavour.
Good tasting
I tried these for a snack while at work and I quite liked them I felt the taste was good, I felt like there wasn’t enough in on packet however. I would recommend these for a light snack
Not so nice
Unfortunately not a hit in my house The taste isn’t pleasant and lingers
Not to my taste :(
Sadly I didn’t really like the flavor. I think I’m more used to a deeper flavor and these are not so flavored. My 12 year old child enjoyed them though.
I tried these today from tesco and was disappointed i felt they was a bit bland and didn't enjoy the mild herby flavour , i don't think my children will enjoy them either and they eat mud

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