4.6 5 0 9 9 Walkers Max Double Crunch Loaded Cheddar & Onion Flavour Potato Crisps are now available. This vegetarian product is described as an irresistible, deep ridged crisp cooked for even longer for twice the crunch and more of the big, bold flavour. It is free from preservatives, MSG and artificial colours, and retails in a 140g pack, bearing the Facebook and Twitter logos.
Walkers Max Double Crunch Loaded Cheddar & Onion Flavour Potato Crisps
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Its crunchy n rich in Flavour!!! Definitely recommend it !!!
Packed with flavour because of the deep ridges these crisps were eaten in one sitting. Best bit was how crunchy they were-really nice texture
Great crunch and packed full of flavour
These crisps are super crunchy which is really satisfying. They are packed full of flavour in every bite, really cheesy.
They are a bit too hard for my liking, but my daughter loves them.
A little too crunch.
These have a lovely flavour, no matter which flavour of the bunch you choose, but i feel as if the ridge and crunch is far too much to the point it can be a little painful.
It's very delicious, cool bear TV evenings with family😊
These are so addictive they string cheese and onion taste on large Crunchy crinkle cut crisps. You’ll be hard to stop yourself from eating the whole bag to yourself
Full of flavour and crunchy
Taste amazing! If you like strong flavour this is for you! Crunchy and a fair amount! Perfect to snack on! Not one for small kids as there abit hard but overall amazing!
Strong flavour
For me these are a great tasting crisp, but they are very heavily flavoured. Some people will love it, for some it will be over powering. The crunchiness is great as well.

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