4.8 5 0 6 6 Walkers Max Double Crunch XXL Chicken & Chorizo Flavour Potato Crisps are now available. This vegetarian product is described as an irresistible, deep ridged crisp cooked for even longer for twice the crunch and more of the big, bold flavour. It is free from preservatives, MSG and artificial colours, and retails in a 140g pack, bearing the Facebook and Twitter logos.
Walkers Max Double Crunch XXL Chicken & Chorizo Flavour Potato Crisps
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Very good
I really like these chips, it's probably my favorite brand, I tried this taste and it's ok, the chips are crimped and pleasantly crunchy, the bigger package is a big plus
So tasty and crispy
Absolutely love these crisps. Although the taste is not spot on they still taste amazing, so big and super crunchy! My new go to, love them and these types of crisps.
Full on flavour
I love this new crisps, they are extremely crispy and this particular flavour is so rich. You can absolutely taste them both. Worth give it a try
Very nice!
I recently tried these crisps and although was sceptical of the flavour to begin with , after I had tried them I was shocked really enjoyed them, I like how they have made a bigger sharing bag too!
Great crisps
Lives up to the double crunch billing, very good texture. Plenty of flavour, evenly spread across the whole bag. Not sure how much I feel the chicken and chorizo comes through, most flavour seems like paprika but overall very nice.
Great tasting
These are a great flavoured crisp. I love the combination of flavours, and the crunchiness of the Max versions of walkers. It makes for a great snack or party food!

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