4.5 5 0 35 35 Walkers Oven Baked is a tasty crisp baked in the oven for extra crispy crunchiness, and all the great taste of Walkers.
Walkers Oven Baked BBQ Crisps
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Great alternative
These I find are a great alternative to the original walkers crisps as they are a healthier option I love the crunch and its packed with flavour
Great alternative
Great taste and baked option gives a great healthier alternative to normal crisps
Baked crisps are always my better alternative, there are Brill. They are so packed with flavour I will definitely buy again
Love the flavour and the fact these are baked - always looking for healthier alternatives and these taste great
Absolutely love these crisps in the salt & vinegar flavour so decided to try this flavour too and was not disappointed. Lovely strong flavour and low in calories, what is not to like!?
Great taste
I've tried these crisps in quite a few different flavours & they are all very tasty the only disappointing thing is you don't seem to get many in a bag! But I do prefer them to ordinary crisps
healthier crisps
Lovely oven baked crunchy crisps however the flavour isn't as strong as others. The fact they have 50% less fat than others make them an almost guilt free snack for a carb addict whos trying to diet!
Healthier option crisp
I love the range of Walker’s oven baked crisps and this sticky barbecue flavour enhances the range perfectly. The oven bake option means that they are healthier with less fat used and I can even incorporate them in my diet and still enjoy tasty crisps which is a real bonus 😋
Less fatty than ordinary crisps I liked them and would buy again
Taste nice although they could put more in the packet!!
Not my favourite but hubby loves them and highly recommends everyone give them a try
oven baked crisps
Well I never thought I'd find any better crisp than my favorites. I was so wrong! These are fantastic, taste great, looks great, love the shape and boy are they moreish. Love them. Well done Walkers.
Family favourite
We absolutely love those crisps! I always buy them in multipacks. Bbq & cheese & onion are our favourite. I love that they’re baked & kids don’t get greasy fingers when eating crisps.
The Best crisps!!
Love the Walkers baked range super delicious and also good on the waistline!! These are a gorgeous flavour and my new favourite from the range. So nice to have a treat without worrying about the calories!!
These are a great crisp, I love the fact they are much better as lower in fat than the normal walkers crisps. I like to have different textures of crisps too and these are nice with a good flavour.

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