4.4 5 0 134 134 - Delicious sweet potato snacks seasoned with paprika and baked to perfection - 40% less fat than regular vegetable chips - A tasty alternative to crisps, enjoy Walkers Baked on-the-go or paired with your favourite lunchtime sandwich - Made with no artificial colours or MSG - Suitable for vegetarians
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I’ve bought these a couple of times now. make a good change from the standard flavours. good with dips or on their own.
Sweets potato crisp with paprika
Delicious sweet potato snackseasoned with paprika and 40% less fat than regular vegetable chips - A taste bite was made and moments later the packet was gone. Buy buy buy...
Not real veg
Taste is good, but is full of extra ingredients sugar, gluten, fat so is not healthy veg snack.
Fantastic Texture, Strong flavour!
Very tasty, great crunch and well flavoured. Attractive packaging. Would recommend!
Tasty n no oil 🙂
This one is tasty just because it is not fried in oil!Baked with perfection and tastes awesome.. I will always prefer this. 10/10 again for this product 🙂
Taste amazing
Tastes amazing as well as having less calories. Highly recommend
This are delicious and taste great with Hummus, great to find a fab tasting snack that isn't full of calories, the only problem is trying not to eat the whole bag!!
Really great taste
hello I tried this item and it tastes really good I recommend it for people and I just think it's a great product overall
My husband seems to prefer the baked crisps, these one in particular. I find them to be a rather harder texture than the normal crisps, not very enjoyable in my opinion. i would probably buy them for my husband but not for myself.
Different but amazing. Would be a Great substitute to the other walkers
Diffrent but delicious
These had a nice crunch and are quite delicious, very diffrent from normal crisps but nice, i will buy again
Not my taste
Really not to my taste, adequate taste. Very different from leading brands. The crunch was okay which i look for in crisps. I think a broader range of flavours is necessary. I wouldn't recommend these sorry!
good but not great
great to see an original flavour and they are pleasant tasting but there's definitely not enough in a packet, not at all filling
Crispy crisp
These are very tasty. I enjoyed them just wish the packet had been bigger 😁
Great crunch and flavour and feels good to know they aren’t fried! Wish there were more in each packet!

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