4.3 5 0 208 208 - Delicious sweet potato snacks seasoned with paprika and baked to perfection - 40% less fat than regular vegetable chips - A tasty alternative to crisps, enjoy Walkers Baked on-the-go or paired with your favourite lunchtime sandwich - Made with no artificial colours or MSG - Suitable for vegetarians
Walkers Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Paprika 140G
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Bought these because they were on offer at Boots when I was picking up a meal deal! These are now my new favourite go to when I'm out an about. Full of flavour and crunch. Even better that they're baked not fried!!
Nice but...
Nice flavour but these are not your regular crisps. It feels more like you’re eating some sort of thin crackers rather than crisps. Great for a health-ish snack but won’t satisfy your late night cravings.
They were ok
I love vegatable crisps so was excited when this new range came out. Although they were o.k i was a little disappointed in the texture and the amount of potato used in them. Flavour was nice.
A bit bland
Decided to try some “healthy” crisps for a change and to be fair I’m not sure if it’s much healthier. Although it has 50% less fat, there is a high sugar content. That aside, these were a bit bland for me. The other variation of the walkers baked with veg, beetroot with sweet chilli, is way tastier - next time give that a go!
They are the dope. Good as a snack and perfectly match beer (or wine).
Absolutely delicious
I really love these crisp, so light and flavorful. Love that they are low calorie too
Texture was very soft, mushy and got stuck in all my teeth. Very much lacking in flavour and quite disappointing
Tasty alternative to standard crisps
First tried when these were on offer at the supermarket. Now add a snack size bag to my lunch bag when I know its going to be a long day and I need a pick me up (can not have chocolate gave it up for lent).
Not great over rated
I bought these as was rather disappointment quite bland flavour and not an enjoyable texture
These are delicious, and once i had opened the bag found it very hard to stop myself eating almost the whole thing! Great balance of sweetness and paprika flavour. I did however find these a bit expensive for the size of the pack.
I tried these and we like them but we couldn’t taste the paprika they where worth buying again
These were not my favourite but they are not bad by any means - they come in an array of flavours and are great to snack on especially if you’re watching your weight
not great
I am not impressed by these to be honest. I like the vegetable crisps, i found them to be more flavorful and satisfying than regular potato based crisps, and these sadly have very little flavor and leave an unusual taste in your mouth after. wont buy again
Nice flavour
When it comes to crisps I always prefer oven baked ones because they contain less fat meaning they are a healthier alternative to ordinary crisps. Walkers Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Paprika flavour crisps are my favourite so far and I will be definitely trying other flavours as well.
Surprisingly tasty
These look odd but taste delicious. Full of flavour and curb the hunger till meal time. Delicious these are my go to snack now need to be brave and try the other flavours but I do love Paprika

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