4.3 5 0 203 203 - Delicious sweet potato snacks seasoned with paprika and baked to perfection - 40% less fat than regular vegetable chips - A tasty alternative to crisps, enjoy Walkers Baked on-the-go or paired with your favourite lunchtime sandwich - Made with no artificial colours or MSG - Suitable for vegetarians
Walkers Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Paprika 140G
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A good crisp
Nice flavour and not too much / little seasoning, an overall good crisp.
Best snack so far !
I am really impressed with the Walkers Oven baked rage of crisps. They seem to me a better healthier option rather than the average crisps. This one in particular ticked all the boxes, as I love sweet potato and paprika.
i like
I love these crunchies are very tasty well seasoned, I will definitely buy them again, they were very tasty to my children.I recommend trying it cheap tasty and surety . i love it :)
I liked these crisps, I thought they were tasty, different and unique. I find them hard to find but so worth buying, would recommend to those who haven't tried as they are something different.
Yummy snack
I didn’t have high hopes for these but they are so lovely. They’re thin (but not too thin) and full of flavour without being too overpowering. Get plenty in a packet. Could not improve 10/10
I am not very big fan of this taste. It is too much salty for me
I prefer Veg crisps over normal. These taste AMAZING if you like the taste of paprika. They are light as well
Great substitute for normal crisps
I am trying to stay away from regular potatoes and crisps (although I love them). So imagine how happy I was to see a healthier version (sweet potatoes and less fat) of my favourite brand of crisps. The paprika is just an added bonus!
Delicious treat with not alot of bad! Strong taste to get the taste buds in action
Tasty treat and not too unhealthy
Bought these to try as I wanted a healthier option to crisps and what a tasty snack. The flavour is very pronounced but not to strong to turn you off I would definarely recommend especially around the holidays when you get unexpected visitors
Yummy crunch
I love these crisp, I 2as interested since they first come to store, I wasn’t sure about sweet pasta to but I love paprika so I tried them. Each chip is crunchy like a normal crisp and has a lovely texture! The flavour is good too
Hmmmm OK
They just don’t taste quite right. I don’t know if it’s the sweet potatoes or the paprika but something just doesn’t work for me. Maybe a few other spices to make say Moroccan inspired might do it?
Really tasty
I actually really enjoyed this product! Tastes great just like a normal crisp can hardly tell it’s vegetables!
Didn't like it
Sorry did not like the baked versions of these crisps.. Tasted very powdery and synthetic
Great alternative to crisps
Great flavour and a super crunchy texture. Lovely alternative to potato crisps. Nice if the packet had been slightly bigger but good that they are lower in fat.

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