4.3 5 0 208 208 - Delicious sweet potato snacks seasoned with paprika and baked to perfection - 40% less fat than regular vegetable chips - A tasty alternative to crisps, enjoy Walkers Baked on-the-go or paired with your favourite lunchtime sandwich - Made with no artificial colours or MSG - Suitable for vegetarians
Walkers Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Paprika 140G
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Nicer than expected
I was pleasant suprised. and my somewhat fussy one year old loved them too. I would deffinatley buy again. Full of flavour.
great crisp
I love Walkers crisp and those oven baked are really lovely,tasty and perfect for sharing.I tried Walkers Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Paprika and I love it for me one of few of my favourites
Great healthy option
I didn't expect these to taste as nice as they do and was a bit sceptical but I can say they are now one of my faves! And they're healthier than your normal crisps which is a bonus!
😁😁Very tasty chips, which also have a good taste,
I love sweet potatoes! And sweet potatoes go well with a little bit of spice like the paprika on these! These are a really lovely snack that doesn't leave you feeling quite as guilty as the regular Walkers crisps.
healthy alternative
i first tried them when they were advertised in stores for 1p per pack, i enjoyed the pack i had but it wasn't my favourite. i decided to try a different flavor which has more spice, i highly recommend
My choice
I am addicted to it. I love the size and crunch. Flavour is great. It is always part of my lunch or a snack. Always go to crisps for me.
Sweet potato crisp
A nice crunch but a little bland on the taste, did not feel like I was having a treat
Good health snack
I tried them and it’s nice alternative to traditional crisp. For me it might be more spicy but like that are good even for children. Also they might made more kinds of those healthy snacks.
Sweet and smoky
I tried these because i was fed up with eating the same old crisps. And im so glad i did. They have beautiful smokey paprika flavour and slight sweetness to them. They hold shape well and have a great crunch.
A good crisp
Nice flavour and not too much / little seasoning, an overall good crisp.
Best snack so far !
I am really impressed with the Walkers Oven baked rage of crisps. They seem to me a better healthier option rather than the average crisps. This one in particular ticked all the boxes, as I love sweet potato and paprika.
i like
I love these crunchies are very tasty well seasoned, I will definitely buy them again, they were very tasty to my children.I recommend trying it cheap tasty and surety . i love it :)
I liked these crisps, I thought they were tasty, different and unique. I find them hard to find but so worth buying, would recommend to those who haven't tried as they are something different.
Yummy snack
I didn’t have high hopes for these but they are so lovely. They’re thin (but not too thin) and full of flavour without being too overpowering. Get plenty in a packet. Could not improve 10/10

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