4.3 5 0 204 204 - Delicious sweet potato snacks seasoned with paprika and baked to perfection - 40% less fat than regular vegetable chips - A tasty alternative to crisps, enjoy Walkers Baked on-the-go or paired with your favourite lunchtime sandwich - Made with no artificial colours or MSG - Suitable for vegetarians
Walkers Oven Baked Sweet Potato & Paprika 140G
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Healthy crisps
Crisps tasted good kids loved them aswell bonus.. definitely purchase again
Baked crisps
Loved the taste and this is a super alternative to fried crisps. Guilt free esp if in a diet.
Not impressed
I didn’t find these crisps to have much flavour, was expecting more from the brand. They were a nice texture though and healthier than other choices.
Yum yum
i am vegtarian and prefer walker crisps a lot. i tried this unique flavour one and enjoyed every bit if it. will definitely get more of it soon. recommended for sure.
Tasty snack
Bought the 6 x small packets for my son's lunch box, he enjoys them. I found them tasty and substantial. The "With VEG" advertising is a little misleading, it's still a potato crisp, with sweet potato powder on it. Not a potato crisp fan, but guess this may be somewhat better than other crisps on the shelves, and paprika does have some health benefits.
Not bad, but not great
These crisps were decent. I am very keen on anything that consists of sweet potato so I chose these, but the sweet potato taste is very subtle. I can taste the paprika more. I like the texture of the crisp, which is like a thin version of the Walkers Pitta Chips. I guess they were not supposed to be like actual real sweet potato vegetable crisps, but just sweet potato flavour. I would purchase them again if they were on offer and I give them a 5.5/10
I love paprika flavoured crisps and this one just hits the right spots everywhere! I tried the oven baked orange before - the cheese and onion flavour which was lovely but nothing compare to this one. Much stronger flavour and it is much lighter than your average crisps. I am very impressed buy this one which I did not expected.
Great snack alternative
Loved this as a mid morning snack taste great and light .. got drawn in by the packaging great colours ..
Crunchy crisp
Lovely crunchy snack. Good flavour and taste. Will keep buying this.
Surprised at how tasty these are
My wife bought these as an alternative to crisps and i gingerly tried them. I was not expecting to enjoy them as much as I did. They are crunchy with an authentic paprika taste. They are a great change to my normal potato crisps. I will be looking for different flavours and variety's next time we go shopping
Delicious and less fat
Delicious baked chips that contain 50% less fat so I eat them even on a diet.In my opinion they are the best
Nice for a change
Crisps are nice and different. The flavour isn’t overly strong but I would definitely try them again. Feel a bit healthier and makes a good change from normal flavoured crisps.
Great flavour
I have often found that baked crisps lack in flavour compared to their counterparts, but these definitely break that mould. They are a good texture, full of flavour, and extremely moorish. The only problem is not eating the whole bag!
Healthy Crisps Alternative
I really enjoyed these. Great flavour, really crunchy and i didn’t feel so guilty eating these! I liked the fact that these had a tiny bit of spice but mild enough that my 10 year old daughter enjoyed them too.
I have just purchased these and tried today I thought they were a nice texture could not really taste the paprika but were light and more healthy than other crisps I would purchase again

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