4.8 5 0 115 115 Wotsits just got hot. You asked and we''ve listened. Whether you're a cruncher or a melter, these new spicy Wotsits are the kick you need. Wotsits are also available in…Really Cheesy and Sizzling Steak. Our snacking range combines the very best of Walkers family favourite crisps, offering a tasty flavour and unique shape for every taste and occasion. Including lunchtime classics Wotsits, Quavers, French Fries and Squares and snack-time heroes Monster Munch, Bugles, Mix Ups and Poppables, Walkers Snacks are jam-packed with flavour and fun.
Walkers Wotsits Flamin’ Hot
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Love trying spicey crisps . And these have far been my favourite Just the right about of spice to Them Taste amazing . Would definitely be buying more of these
So yummy!
These are so good! Maybe my new favourite! I love the flavour even more than the origional ones.
I can’t believe these are back!!! Just as amazing now as they was when I was younger. My absolute favourite flavour of wotsits! Defo worth a try!!!
As much as I LOVE Cheesey Wotsits, These really are battling against being my favourite flavour. Such a kick to the tongue, definitely worth a try.
My absolute favourite
I think these are amazing and the sweet and spicy hot flavour is perfect for my taste buds I love how they r bigger I size than the normal small multi pack. The 150g is great to share for a party or even a couple of nights snacking between a few people . The flaming hot is in my opinion by far the best flavour but closely followed by the flaming hot mix ups by walkers . I paid £1 for my packet and I think the value for money its unbelievably good . Will continue to buy these as long as they're available
Flamin' amazin'
I love Wotsits, and bringing this flavour back was so nostalgic! Still has the amazing flavour of the spiciness, not too hot, just right. I like it a lot and definitely recommend this.
Tantalising my taste buds
Nostalgia in a bag the good old crunchy and melt of a wotsit with the tingling flavours of a spicy ketchup I felt like such a big kid I didn't even share with my own child, very moorish!
Nicely spicy
Lovely product just the right amount of chilli spice. Makes a nice change to the regular cheese flavour which can be quite salty
What a wotsit
Love these Picked them up at random but absolutely loved them. Reminded me of monster much flamin hot
Not too spicy and not too bland, spot on. My 1year old son likes them too. Can be a bit addictive so i buy the grab bag🤭
With a spice
I really enjoy eating these spicy wotsits. They melt in your mouth and leaving a tangy spicy flavour behind, once you start munching you can’t stop,I really did not want to share my pack of wotsits
Loved them, they have a slight tomato flavour as well as being quite spicy.
Spicy and tasty
This was a really good product, tasty and has a slight spice and was a bit tomatoey really enjoyed
Delicious, really tasty they have a really nice hot kick which isn't to much which is what I find with spicy/hot crisps they over power the crisp which I find hard to eat but these are perfect,very moorish so keep off the share bags ... or just hide the evidence 😂😂.
Very tasty,you will enjoy it.its something different that makes it so nice

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