4.8 5 0 284 284 Wotsits just got hot. You asked and we''ve listened. Whether you're a cruncher or a melter, these new spicy Wotsits are the kick you need. Wotsits are also available in…Really Cheesy and Sizzling Steak. Our snacking range combines the very best of Walkers family favourite crisps, offering a tasty flavour and unique shape for every taste and occasion. Including lunchtime classics Wotsits, Quavers, French Fries and Squares and snack-time heroes Monster Munch, Bugles, Mix Ups and Poppables, Walkers Snacks are jam-packed with flavour and fun.
Walkers Wotsits Flamin’ Hot
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Super yummy!
These are amazing! They're super yummy and not too spicy. I was worried they would be too hot but they weren't. They melt really nicely and are very moreish. Perfect snack for watching a movie and it's so hard not to eat to many!
Oh such goodness
These have immense flavor, one bag is just never enough, they are so light and fluffy and even though the bag is full to the brim, one bag is just not enough. If you like anything spicy these are a definite winner. Even my cat has tried and loves them, new love snack
Love them
Much prefer the flaming hot wotsits to the original cheese...although I wouldn’t say they are too ‘hot’ so perfect for anyone who can’t handle anything too hot and spicy.
Fab my fav go to snack
Oh my goodness I absolutely love these flaming hot Wotsits always eating them they are my guilty pleasure classic wotsit crisps with the spicy Hotness if that makes sense !!! not too hot well my daughter thinks they are so I get all the packets!!! really really nice weather crisps
Love them
I love these flamin wotsits!! The flavour is delicious I could devour them all! I can’t stand the normal cheesy flavour so I’m chuffed they’ve brought this out. I’ve heard they’re nice as a chicken coating for fried chicken, so I’ll have to try that.
Love love love
Absolutely love these wotsits!! The coating is absolutely delicious and keeps you coming back for more! I can’t get enough of these!! Great crushed up on some ramen too! Will definitely be buying again. Love them!
My new favs
Cheesey wotsit are amazing but wait until you try these! Can't go wrong at all neither for the price great snack for me and the wee man when watching movjes
Mild Spice
Even though it says flamin hot 🔥. It isn't that spicy. It like a mild spice with some sweetness. I love it!
A taste of America with mouth tingling hotness very nice I love them hard to share
These are my favourite! Reminds me of being on holiday! I love a good spicy crisp!
Flamin hot doesn't lie!
These are such a great treat, but beware! The flamin' hot flavour isn't just for show. Make sure you shake up the bag to really get the flavour bits on of them, and be prepared it definitely has a kick! So worth it!
Love wotsits and love this flavour. Was glad when they brought them back out. If you love wotsits who isn’t gonna love a giant wotsit. Now all we need is the prawn cocktail flavour to make a come back. Make it happen
Nice spicy taste
These are my favourite crisps. They have a really nice spicy flavour. They have some heat, but it doesn’t burn your tastebuds off and the flavour is really good too. The same puffiness and melt in your mouth consistency as original wotsits. But these are next level nice. Suitable for me being a vegan too which is a winner
Gorgeous finger licking good!
These are now a regular in our trolley after making them appearances around Halloween as zombie fingers! These have a lovely hot flavour that leaves you lucking your fingers and sucking your teeth ages afterwards. And I have no complaints at that! They have all the texture of original Wotsits but with a first class flaming hot flavour.
these were so nice. i don’t usually eat wotsits but i don’t mind them if they’re there. so when my sister brought these home i almost wish she bought 2 packs so we could have one each!! they were delicious!!

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