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Weetabix on the go Breakfast drink Banana
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Great for on the Go. But I prefer other flavours. Bannana isnt really to my taste.
Lovely banana breakfast
Ihad put off trying these as I couldn't imagine what the texture would be like. Decided to try and send I'm hooked. Absolutely beautiful smooth texture, like a think banana milkshake. Not artificial tasting at all.
useful for busy mornings
i have tried all of the flavours and i like banana the best.the vanilla a close second.However the banana flavour is like a milkshake.I was very surprised how filling it is.
I find this really tasty and love the banana taste it’s not artificial and I find this better and easier than skipping breakfast as I find it easier than a meal plus I can drink it on my journey ny
Very artifical taste
Handy to have but let down by the taste, the banana taste is very artifical and seems to linger for a long time after drank.
Average but filling
i quite enjoyed this breakfast drink. It tastes nice, but just an average banana type milkshake. It definitely filled me up for longer than i thought it would. I am not sure i would want it everyday, but nice enough when your in a rush.
Keeps you going
This drink does actually keep hunger away for a quick fix breakfast snack. I did regularly need a snack once I had time to eat, but overall a good product for a quick fix on the go breakfast
This is product suggests that it is in the territory of protein drinks but only have 3.4% protein which means that the bottle gives you 8.5g. I know that they actually say that this is a replacement breakfast drink but even in that role I think it's expensive and poor. I always try banana because that's usually the most drinkable of the alternative but even so I wasn't impressed. Expensive and not worth.
breakfast on the go, what could be better in a busy lifestyle, would like to try it
I would like to try this product out as its exactly what I need. as I have never tried it before
Wow I didn't even know this product existed but it sounds delicious and convenient. Weetabix is among my favourite breakfast cereals.
Sounds really interesting concept .. Love wetabix and would love to try these out ..
We all love Weetabix, Please could we try this please.

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