4 5 0 148 148 A smooth & delicious breakfast drink, 4 vitamins, iron & calcium. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians.
Weetabix On The Go Vanilla Breakfast Drink 6 x 250ml
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I bought the chocolate one recently however I have tried the vanilla one and it isn't so bad. The drink is smooth and creamy in a way. However has misunderstanding information. Lid says " same sugar as a glass of milk ". Diabetics can misunderstand this as the total amount of carbs as they count those as sugars too. Meaning that they think that it is 15g of carbs and not the full 31g of carbs. In my opinion they should think about this and possible change it
Great on the go
I’m off to the gym early in mornings and I always drink this vanilla flavour drink on the way back,I enjoy it cold and great idea of vitamins you achieve in this milky drink
Quick breakfast on the go !
Great when in a rush, or if you never have time for breakfast. great flavour and taste. I also like the chocolate flavour.
weetabix on the go
they taste very nice and had enough vanilla taste they are very good aspeiclly if you dont have time to get your breakfast so very useful to be able to get one
Good for when on the move
These are really good for a quick breakfast on the go but there is a funny after taste and they don’t have my expected weetabix fix. But will definitely buy again when on the move
Serve a purpose, fine for what they are
Ultimately I feel that these drinks serve a purpose and are fine for what they are. They don't taste anything like Weetabix so the big branding seems a little odd. They are a smooth, creamy and sweet vanilla drink but there is a slightly processed taste. Tastes much better cold.
Just when running late !
Vanilla was least favourite flavour, banana and strawberry nicer. Great if you are in a rush and need something to fill you up but it is a high sugar option and expensive.
Like melted vanilla ice-cream
Nice vanilla flavour, like melted vanilla ice-cream although a little sweet for me. Creamy texture. I prefer something to eat for breakfast but this would be a nice mid morning snack to see me through to lunch.
Quick breakfast
I have tried the chocolate and vanilla flavour. These drinks do make a good substitute for breakfast as they can be quite filling. However the taste wasn't quite to my liking. Makes a good substitute for breakfast anyway.
Great for when you running late fast and no cleaning that is a bonus
Love love love!
Sometimes i skip breakfast. I have a pack of these in my draw at work. Really helps to get through that morning
super handy
As a busy mum these are brilliant when you run out of time in the morning. they taste really nice and keep you full until lunch.
handy and filling
These are super handy for busy mums on the go. They are a go to grab food when on the way to work. Taste delicious and surprisingly filling.
Breakfast shake
Weetabix on the go is the best breakfast you can have while you move,no matter when and where you are and if you hungry you can just drink it.I can say it's great taste,after I am full of energy and ready for next few hours. These are a regular in my house and always don’t last long the children love them
I love these! Only bested by their strawberry flavour
I love love love the taste of these Weetabix drinks, my favourite on the go breakfast replacement, only bested by their strawberry flavour! The only issue is price, it still works out better to get a pack of breakfast bars, wish they were cheaper. I get these as a treat sometimes mainly, love them :)

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