3.9 5 0 57 57 A smooth & delicious breakfast drink, 4 vitamins, iron & calcium. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians.
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On the go
I'm always rushing around in the mornings so often grab breakfast on the go a lot,these are actually filling and have a great vanilla taste ,i can drink it on the way out the door and on my journey
Took a while to get used to the taste
I swear by these! Upon first trying the product it did take a bit of getting used to the taste as it wasn't as sweet as i was expecting. However i couldn't live without them now, great product, great price point and a really well executed product. I would highly recommend this product!
I really enjoyed
Bought the drink just to try as I don’t really like breakfast so I wanted something really easy to drink . The flavour is a nice and the consistency is good . I would buy it again as I enjoyed it as an alternative.
Not for me
It was convenient but the taste wasn’t all that great. For me, I feel like I’ll just have my normal weetabix in the mornings.
Great quick breakfast
I enjoy keeping these just incase I'm running late for work and take one to drink in the car. 1 keeps you going till lunch. Taste is pretty good but not as good as a proper breakfast till enjoy them as a quick to go breakfast. Would recommend this product for anyone that is doesn't have time for a sit down breakfast as it's great to has fast and will still keep you going without feeling hungry
Great breakfast drink
Love this tastes amazing and keeps you full for a long time my husband and children love it too would definitely buy again
They are OK
I find them nice but not nice enough to by again I think I would Personally just have breakfast before I leave. But if you don't have time then these are great.
Not for me
My sister brought some over for me to try.. I do love weetabix and the taste of vanilla, but this product wasnt for me..
It’s ok!
Love weetabix on the go, not too keen on the vanilla one. My fave is the chocolate!
Breakfast on the go
I like this product as it is quick and easy no mess
This is such a good breakfast alternative for when i am really busy in the morning! It is so nice cold so I would suggest keeping it in the fridge
Great. Quick and easy when you are on the go. It tastes good to, even my boys like to have one.
Pleasantly surprised!
Was apprehensive about what the texture and consistency might be for this product but was perfect, similar to a shake, and tasted great. Good for breakfast on the go - convenient size for your bag and kept me filled up until lunchtime!
Yummy !!
Very tasty and satisfying and good for on the go. The size is great to pop in your handbag in a rush and kept me going many morning I didn’t have time for breakfast with my newborn.
Handy to grab and go
Saved my life on busy night shifts, vanilla nice taste, best cold, not as filling as actual solid food but I like milkshakes, slightly thicker than others but distinctive taste and you can tell it's a weetabix brand

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