4 5 0 144 144 A smooth & delicious breakfast drink, 4 vitamins, iron & calcium. No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians.
Weetabix On The Go Vanilla Breakfast Drink 6 x 250ml
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great product
Myself and my son drink these, he always has one before work and I have one if I have a busy day, great product.
Great for work
I used to have one of these everyday on the way to work. It's great
handy for on the go
i really like this product and buy it regularly.my family and i like the vanilla flavour.
Tasty but watery
Tasty with just the perfect slight amount of Vanilla flavouring. It is a little watery though. I prefer thicker drinks sort of like a milkshake, personally. It was however, quite filling. It finished way too quickly! :)
So versatile!
Not only do they taste gorgeous but these are great for breakfast,after the gym, mid morning snack, kids pack ups,all sorts. Really liked these,great size,lovely flavour and bought them again.
Not my idea of a nice filling breakfast...
Weetabix on the go Not my cup of tea at all... or my idea of a milkshake / breakfasty drink on the go! Not overly nice tasting, do not like the flavour, the consistency is far too thick.. yuk from me, sorry! Again... Better value for money buying 6 pack however and new and other flavours to try
Not for me but my husband loves it
I didn't like the texture, the taste was nice though. I love weetabix and so does my husband who also enjoys these. I would definitely recommend them just bcos of how much my hubby enjoys them.
Perfect for on the go!
These are so tasty and perfect for on the go. I sometimes don't have time for a breakfast first thing in the morning, so this along with some fruit will keep me going for a few hours. I've tried it in chocolate too, which was delicious. But I really love the vanilla!
Tastes lovely, also surprisingly filling to start your day

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