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Wicked Kitchen Naked Burrito 400G
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Ok but could be better
I tried this product when it was on offer in my local supermarket. It was quite tasty but I was expecting stronger flavours and found the taste quite bland overall. For the full price product, I would also expect more tofu pieces.
Delicious, but expensive
I love ready made vegan meals, and the products from Wicked Kitchen are amazing, full of flavour and easy grab and go for lunch at work. Unfortunately it is quite expensive for everyday lunches, so it is more of a once in a while thing. I hope there will be some cheaper ready-made vegan food soon!
Great idea but bit bland
Was really looking forward to trying this as having a healthy vegan ready meal alternative is a great idea, especially when I am busy and want something fresh on the go. I like that it's packed full of veg however I found the taste rather bland. The rice had a slight artificial taste to it which I was not keen on. Overall, a good idea but other vegan ready meals are more flavoursome.
A lovely vegan ready meal option
I am VERY picky when it comes to ready meals. I only go for the most natural and healthy options. I must commend this meal as it has NO preservatives, artificial flavours, artificial colours or any shady chemicals at all and that is how it found itself in my trolley. The meal itself takes form of a bean burrito without the tortilla. You get a good selection of veg including beans, mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, sweet potato, onions and more, the finishing touch is a slice of lime which you can squeeze over the meal after preparation to give it a nice citrus kick which compliments the meal well. I prefer to add a dash of tabasco hot sauce to mine as I like my mexican food spicy as can be. But the addition of jalapeno peppers in this meal make it spicy enough but not overpowering for those not too keen on heat. Overall I recommend this meal, I have left a 4 star rating as it is exclusive to Tesco and my local Tesco does not stock this meal so it is limited availability for some.
Good but expensive
Good food and love what the company is aiming for but very expensive considering it is all plant based. Prefer other meals in the range but well done for providing more choice for vegans.
Little expensive
The Wicked Kitchen products are tasty but I find them all very expensive compared to other vegan / vegetarian ready meals on the market. This is tasty but not amazing.
Nice but nicer wicked dishes
I liked this dish from Wicked and eat alot of theirs, i do feel there are tastier dishes available. This one is a little overloaded with ingredients.
Could get better for your money
Wasn’t amazing.. brought at full price.. could have got something better for the amount paid for it
Too bland
When i saw this in the shops it was right up my street. It looked clean and healthy, it was minus any bread so I thought it would be perfect for me. However I found the flavour to be lacking. It was quite bland and the textures were all very similar in that it felt dense. Unfortunately it needed some bread or more of a sauce to break it up a bit. It was filling and what I did eat left me feeling full for quite some time.

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