3.5 5 0 427 427 For the treatment & prevention of excess weight & general weight management. XLS-MEDICAL TEA benefits: Low caffeine Free from laxatives No added artificial colouring No added flavourings or preservatives No added salt Suitable for vegetarians XLS-MEDICAL TEA is the UK's 1st tea clinically proven to help you lose weight. XLS-MEDICAL TEA contains Litramine™, a patented fibre complex derived from a natural and organic plant source that is clinically proven to bind dietary fats. The unique taste and distinct green colour comes from our premium Japanese MATCHA, one of the purest forms of green tea. XLS-MEDICAL TEA helps you to lose up to 3x more weight than dieting alone*. It has a unique triple action effect: 1. To bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake** 2. Reduces appetite & food cravings 3. Helps improve digestion It is a medical device for effective weight management, when taken in combination with a balanced diet and regular physical activity. XLS-MEDICAL TEA has a well-established safety profile and tolerability.
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I didn't like the taste of the tea so found it hard to drink 3x cups per day, and the consistency wasn't pleasant either, I think flavouring it with berries or fruit would be better. I'm not convinced it helped with weightloss as it doesn't teach you to make good food choices, just supresses appetite for a short time
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I couldn't stand the flavour and taste. It just wasn't for me.
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The tea is easy to make and was easy to fit into my everyday routine. I also tried it in cold water which was great for out and about. The tea Made me feel less bloated and also made me need to pee often. I found that I lost a few lbs but I thought that I would have lost more I loved the taste but didn’t think that overall it helped with weight loss.
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  • Home Tested with free product
my friend tried it and talked about it very positively .. I personally didnt try it .. will sure try it
Nice taste Maybe helped
I do love my teas and this stood up to many in the taste test. Nice and refreshing and a pleasure to drink. Did I lose weight? Yes but I am not sure if it was down to a healthier diet or the tea. But in the weight loss game every little helps.
Another diet fad!!
Yes it doesnt taste too bad and yes it makes you feel slightly fuller but so does any drink. It only works if your dieting and exercising which is the way to lose weight anyway. It's a fad for people hoping to lose weight that's all. It's not too bad if you've been dieting for a while and hit a block/plateau then it may help to push you through that but please dont be fooled it's a new miracle dieting cure because it's far from it
Pointless purchase
Whilst it tasted ok it didn’t do anything for me in terms of weight loss. Considering it’s such a bit brand, I would not purchase again.
Not to my taste
I did try this but in the end could not get on with the taste and it did not seem to help with making me feel fuller after a meal.
Don't trust a fart
Please don't assume your safe to fart after using this product you will find yourself in a really "crappy" situation , i went on a ghost hunt with friends and my stomach was making extremely loud noises resulting in the whole room looking in my direction thinking they was about to have a paranormal experience , to save myself from then literally crapping myself in front of them all i had to pretend to be freaked out and was taken back to the gift shop and left there for the remainder of the tour , needless to say it was a less than enjoyable experience and while i might have gone onto lose weight due to being to scared to eat ( i only had a cup of tea in KFC before hand while the rest of my friends tucked into chicken) it just wasn't worth the side effects to me
Drink,Workout and look
only works you need to do after drinking a good heavy gym workout
I was dying to try this as iv used other XLS products, I didnt really like the taste but managed to drink it and it does help u lose weight, so tastes yuk but its worth doing
Taste disgustingly
This product leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I dont know if it was just me but i was urinating alot after. I did not really see the benefits.
Not nice
Not what l expected tasted strange so no difference in my weight loss
I like to try this product because i need to lose weight it might help me if it dose i will go out and buy it

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