4.4 5 0 45 45 No idea about kefir? This ancient way of fermenting yogurt has been around for centuries. It's creamy, tangy and packed with billions of live bacteria from our 14 different culture strains (hello diversity!). Gluten free, Suitable for vegetarians.
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Lovely consistency with added fruit have it for breakfast most mornings
Really like this yoghurt as I can add my favourite fruit to it. Price is good.
I usually eat greek yoghurt, but this is really creamy and goes well with my home-made food. I really love Chefir
Really like it . Especially with fried potatoes and chicken . Nice consistency. Easy to drink . Enough for 2 servings
creamy goodness
love this stuff with fruit and like the fat it's extra good for you which is added bonus
I made overnight oats using this yogurt and they are delicious. would highly recommend this yogurt!
We use this as part of a healthy diet, we make overnight oats using this yogurt and they are delicious and keeps me and my husband full all day. I would highly recommend this yogurt!
Not so keen on the plain flavour but really enjoyed the others. I have stomach problems and this does seem to help coat the stomach and put the good bacteria into your system.
Kefir Yogurt
This product is very good, especially if you have had a problem with your intestines. It replaces the good bacteria that is lost. I use it to help with my blood pressure as is also helps with this. But you do need to watch your milk intake as this can add to your Cholesterol.
not for me.
i bought this as i had heard how good kefir is for you tummy. i eat a lot of natural Greek yoghurt and thought it would be like that. i didnt like the taste of it so it is not for me.
Kefir yogurt
Its nice and thick. Good for granola and fresh fruit.
Healthy and Natural
I usually buy my kefir from the local Polish shop. Though I would give this a try. Very pleasant as a natural yoghurt but my polish brand definitely has a better more authentic kefir taste. I tend to find it makes IBS worse however so only ever have a small serving to maintain general gut health.
I'm from Easter Europe, kefir is our traditional drink. Was happy to see this one on the shelves in my local supermarket. Definitely nice and tasty, good as one we had back home. Very healthy stuff for digestion. Would recommend
This is superb, thoroughly enjoyable for breakfast with fruit. Very creamy, feels naughty even though it’s super healthy
Tasty and Creamy
Has a wonderful texture very creamy and has a very pleasant taste. It is also natural so healthy. I had this over my muesli instead of milk. I also had it with various berries. I eat a lot of yogurts and I am very impressed with this one. No improvements are needed.

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