4.6 5 0 62 62 No idea about kefir? This ancient way of fermenting yogurt has been around for centuries. It's creamy, tangy and packed with billions of live bacteria from our 14 different culture strains (hello diversity!). Gluten free, Suitable for vegetarians.
YEO Kefir Natural Yogurt 150g
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Delicious, creamy and rich
These are lovely. You don't need them flavoured as they have a nice tang to them already. Creamy, slightly cheesy almost. Thick and very healthy due to the natural probiotics that Keffir contains.
Healthy option
I love this brand and it’s ethics. They have a range of different flavours also. This option is great to add seeds and fresh fruit to. Filling creamy and actually really healthy for you.
This yoghurt is very tasty. I love it. If you want try something new try it straight away
Yummy delicious
It is a lovely natural yogurt with the added bonus of the bacteria cultures that are really good for my tummy. I suffer from IBS and this really helps to keep the gut happy xxx
Good taste and it's even better for your tummy
Bought this yogurt just out of curiosity, it's nice rich with pleasant favor and I actually do feel bit better when having this yogurt daily.
Natural yogurt with many more benefits!!
It is rich in flavour, tastes almost like a natural yogurt but has many more benefits for my health. I can enjoy a nice yogurt and at the same time, have my gut healthy! It adds more value that is from Yeo Valley.
Thick & creamy.
It was lovely. Really thick and creamy without being too rich or fatty. Had a nice tang. Ate it with fruit and cereal for breakfast but also with pancakes. Nice to thick its full of good bacteria too. Loved that its not sweetened
good product
Rich creamy yogurt with more extra benefits than the standard yeo bio 0% fat one but expect to pay a little bit more
This is a great product, really good for gut bacteria and healthy too. I mix it with fruit for breakfast.
Love Yeo
I absolutely love Yeo valley product. Very tasty with good price.
Perfect breakfast
It was really hard to find a Kefir in major supermarkets. Its a perfect breakfast to start your day really good for the immune system.
Versatile to use
Best organic yoghurt I have tasted. Very versatile. Can be used in breakfast recipes, and great in lassi’s. Can’t think of anything better. Great product. Would deffo recommend 👍
I purchased this as I wanted to start eating breakfast as I was regularly skipping it and I wanted something light and more healthy so I now have half a bowl with mixed fruit and I find it keeps me going well into the afternoon
Very creamy and tasty yogurt. I use it in curry for smooth creamy flavour. Tastes great with fruits or just sugar.
Good organic option
This product is tasty. Probably the smoothest creamiest option in the organic range. On the downside, it is quite pricey.

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