4.8 5 0 34 34 YES! Cranberry and Dark Choc Snack Bars are a deliciously different way to snack. Sumptuous cranberry and dark chocolate are woven among crunchy almonds and peanuts to provide a taste experience you won't forget. These nut bars are also a source of protein and are high in fibre, and contain 5g of sugar per bar.
Yes Cranberry And Dark Chocolate Nut Bars
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healthy and yummy break fast choc bar with almonds and cranberry, a very good combination
The best crunchy and chewy at the same time
When the first time see this amazing nut bar I take them and my first think it's was wow so crunchy and chewy at the same time
Great afternoon boost
These bars are lovely. Great mix of crunch and chew. Plenty of nuts and chocolate not too dark. Perfect afternoon pick up without feeling guilty
Super Bar
Usually when you get a snack like this with dark chocolate they are bitter in taste but not these. I found them very enjoyable and moreish but with enough in the bar to be satisfied with .
Very yummy, crunchy and chewy at the same time! Great taste of chocolate and is a great light snack when busy.
Healthy treat
My son love this bar, is healthy and it’s tasting nice
really liked the flavour of these yes bars, they have a nice combination of flavours and the dark chocolate it lovely definitely a new favourite.
Nutty chocolate treat
First time I've tried these bars and love them . The chocolate is very dark and if you like the taste of real dark chocolate they are for you... Also loads of mixed nuts
I’m not usually a fan of these types of bars as I can find them a bit dry but I really liked these. The chocolate and fruit gives it great texture and it’s not to dry. Will definitely buy again
A tasty treat
Just the thing to fill a hunger gap without feeling guilty for having some chocolate.
Totally addictive lol...
Oh my the box of 4 lasted me an hour absolutely gorgeous. Can’t get enough of them lol what’s a girl to do 🤷‍♀️🥳
Yummy Yes!
I like all the Yes! bars but this one is full of chocolate flavor.. yummy :)
So tasty
These taste amazing. Full of flavour and the chocolate just tops it off. I buy these often as a healthier alternative to chocolate
So nice!!!
These cereal bars are just scrumptious. Very chocolatey yet still fruity. I got one as a free sample in a supermarket and was very impressed. Shame they are so expensive.
You know when sometimes during the day u feel a little hungry even though you ate breakfast, lunch ect but you dont want to eat anything too heavy or something that will interfear with your next meal well this is perfect for those times

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