4.8 5 0 31 31 YES! Cranberry and Dark Choc Snack Bars are a deliciously different way to snack. Sumptuous cranberry and dark chocolate are woven among crunchy almonds and peanuts to provide a taste experience you won't forget. These nut bars are also a source of protein and are high in fibre, and contain 5g of sugar per bar.
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Ok but not my favourite
This was nice, it tasted healthier than it actually is but it did have a lot of nuts in which probably upped the calorie in this bar. As I said, I've had better but it was still nice. Bit overpriced too.
Full of Flavour
Perfect snack to keep you on the go. It’s full of flavour and the fruit still tastes juicy!
Very tasty
Nice snak handy size and very tasty, especially buisy mum's on the go and only have time for a quick snak.
Richness treat 🙃
A very lovely mid day treat, succulent sweetness from the cranberry as I chewed into it with a crunch from the nuts. My two best things in a treat bar. It just melted in my mouth and the dark rich chocolate gave me the final kick needed to finish the bar. Flavours were great together, worked really well.
Chocolate cravings
Satisfied my chocolate craving, very crunchy with the nuts inside and a touch of sweetness with the cranberries
I snack which is not too sweet
Tried these as the ingredients appealed. Very satisfying ...felt quite full afetr eating one...and not too sweet , which I prefer. The dark chocolate, my favourite chocolate, added to the appeal. The chocolate was very good.
Snack bar
Love this in the car as a snack so tasty have bought my third pk today and saved money no longer sitting in cafes fr breaks this contents me until meal times wel worth every penny
I loved these breakfast bars! The dark chocolate is super tasty, I’m not usually a fan of dark chocolate but it just really works with all the other flavours. I’d 100% get again but I think I got these on an offer, they’re quite expensive full price.
These bars have a lovely texture, not too soft, not to hard (oops I sound like Goldilocks) and were not too sweet either. The dark chocolate had a slightly bitter taste which I love in dark chocolate too.
I love all kinds of nuts so these bars are perfect for me. Really enjoy them and are healthy, too.
These bars are really tasty & a lovely moist and chewy consistency.they are bursting with flavour.
These bars were surprisingly tasty and not overly sweet like some can be. They weren’t too chewy but not brittle either. They were nice to have as a snack or part of a lunchtime meal. They are tasty and gave me the sweet treat I was needing with all natural ingredients.
This is one of those tasty bars with plenty of fruit & nuts which are good for you. Then there is also a rich chocolate taste which makes it a little sinful.
It sounds really good. I love cranberries and oats! A bar sounds really good!
Iv not tried this product but it looks delicious I love nuts etc

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