4.5 5 0 116 116 AXE Excite Body Wash for men features a woody fragrance with a blend of coconut, hazelnut, and caramel scents. The rich lather and invigorating fragrance take your shower to the next level. To stay confident all day long, you can combine AXE Excite Body Wash with other AXE Excite products, including daily fragrance, deodorant stick or antiperspirant stick.
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My husband uses Axe body/hair all the time and I got this for him.He loves it and so do I it smells wonderful.
Yes I use Axe shower gel many times love the scent and how it makes you feel fresh and smell good all day.
oe oe oe it just smells amazing!!! and even keeps away the sweat smell the whole day
This is one of my favorite scents in the Axe products. Their shower gel is very refreshing, easy to lather, and doesnt leave any residue behind!
Bought for my 19 year old son and he liked very much and wants me to buy again.
I've used many Axe products and this is one of my wife's favorite scents. We both enjoy how I smell after using this. If you double up with the deodorant of the same scent, it helps the boost the bodywash smell.
I buy axe products for my son, he likes the different scents, some more than others. He had the body spray and deodorants, and has yet to try the body wash I just bought for him.
i really like this product.. my husband uses it and he smells so good... we like all the axe products but this so far is our favorite.. melinda
nice variety of scents, i buy them every year for my nephews, i even like them for myself \
Having seen a lot of commercials about this product I decided to try it and found that caused a large bump to appear in my underarms so I decided to go back to using Secret deodorant which I have never had any problems with
Not the best body wash, leaves skin feeling dry plus has a really strange color. Deep purple or black either way very weird when you are trying to be clean...
I love shower gels. Iwill love to try this.I. will like to try this product as soon as possible.
Megustaria recibir la muestra gratis para el cuidado de la piel de el hombre
My boys always say its good. I my self have not used it.
have not tried this product yet but would love to do so for my husband.

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