4.5 5 0 116 116 AXE Excite Body Wash for men features a woody fragrance with a blend of coconut, hazelnut, and caramel scents. The rich lather and invigorating fragrance take your shower to the next level. To stay confident all day long, you can combine AXE Excite Body Wash with other AXE Excite products, including daily fragrance, deodorant stick or antiperspirant stick.
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Id like to see how this axe products smells throughout the day
I would like to test this product on my husband. I love trying new scents and brands.
Have not tried this one yet but my husband loves axe products.
My husband and my son, love to use the AXE products, I just love the scent after, my husband uses the product!! I would love to give this to him to try.
Would love to get a free sample for my son who plays basketball .
This just Looks like it smells good lol , I know all the rest of the axe deodorants I've smelled was awesome!!
My husband uses axe spray I would like for him to try the shower gel.
Something that I would try out, I have been disappointed with Axe products in the past as they always seemed to be kind of strong in my opinion...but, the description of this makes me want to give it a try, it seems like its is a little more smooth to the senses! Would love to try a sample :)
Love all products by Axe, seen the commercial about this one but haven't seen it in stores yet.
I've always loved Axe's every since these products can out . An i would like to try this product out.
I always use AXE body wash and I really love it. Would love to try this scent.
I love Axe Body Wash and normally use Phoenix. I would be interested in trying this scent.
My boys love this product, would recommend others to try this.
Both my son's love Axe products. They have a few favorite scents but love them all.
AXE is well reputed company nd i must sure it works good for my hubby ..i wanna try it sample

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