4.6 5 0 337 337 Like a magnet, micelles capture and lift away dirt, oil, and makeup without harsh rubbing or over-drying.
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Favorite Cleanser!
This is hands-down the best cleanser that I have ever tried. I usually get a reaction on most make-up removers but not with this one. It works great on my sensitive skin and it gets rid of makeup and dirt.
Garnier Micellar Foaming Cleanser
Love the way it makes my skin feel. It doesn't make me breakout, gentle on skin. Excellent Product!
Love this!
I absolutely have fell in love with this product. I’ve tried numerous micellar products and this hands down has been my favorite for removing dirt and makeup.
On my shopping list
I love this! My face always feels so clean and refreshed. I now have this on my shopping list. It has became one of my regular beauty products!
I really was skeptical about this at first because a lot of drugstore cleansers don't work for me. It I thoroughly enjoyed this one it wasn't harsh and took my makeup right off without leaving it dry or breakout!
Great Cleanse
This removed all traces of makeup, including eye makeup and mascara. Left my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized.
Leaves your skin all natural and is incredibly soft definetly reccomend
Works great
It works great at removing makeup. I feel i have to wash my face after using it because I feel i have oil on my face. Very gentle and doesn't dry your face out.
Love it!!!!!
I tried this and still buy. This is the best for getting into the pores and removing most of your makeup and eye makeup. There is nothing bad about this for me. I have been battling with adult acne and trying to get my skin clean and love this.
Sensitive skin friendly & a little does the job
I found this cleaner to be perfect for my combo skin. It has a light not overwhelming scent, and takes the day off makeup included. Water proof mascara is a bit hard to get all off. Overall I would purchase again as it makes my skin feel dewy.
So amazing!
I have very sensitive skin, and find it so hard and stressful to find a cleanser or face wash that doesn’t contribute to my break outs! But this is amazing for gentle skin , it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and clean , doesn’t leave it dry either. This is perfect if you use it with a face brush! 10/10 would recommend
Great Micellar Water
I have really oily skin and this micellar water is fantastic in keeping my skin more matte-like. It easily dissolves makeup without any harsh rubbing, which is great for my skin and eyes. It makes getting a full face of makeup off at night a lot easier. I tend to try to get products with less chemicals in them and was initially upset that this had more chemicals than the pink micellar water from Garnier, but I really like the mattifying effect so I'm sticking with it.
Still not sure if I like micellar in products!
I gave Garnier SkinActive All-in-1 Rinse Off Micellar Foaming Cleanser for Combination to Oily Skin Types after trying some makeup remover with micellar in it.... it was OK.. I still feel like I didn't remove all of my makeup or maybe it was that odd unfamiliar feeling after using micellar... I had to wash my face a second time with my normal face wash after using this.
excellent cleanser
The formula for Garnier Skin Active Micellar Foaming cleanser is simply wonderful. It's very light and thin but lathers more than you'd expect. It has a silky feel against your skin and effectively removes dirt and oil on your skin without drying your skin out or causing any irritation. It's true that it does remove makeup as well. That makes it so much more convenient than using multiple products for your makeup removal and skin care routine. If you want it to lather and foam even more you can use it with a konjac sponge or a sonic cleanser and it foams like crazy. I have tried it many different types of ways and they all work very well to get my face clean. It's even safe for sensitive skin. It's nearly unscented and does not leave behind any residue. My face feels so soft and silky after using it. I actually enjoy using this cleaner more than regular micellar water.
When I bought this product I was thinking that this was going to be great to use when I was dead tired after a long day & wanted to fall into bed. I used it, expecting it to remove my makeup & clean my face so I didn't have to go thru my normal skin routine. Wrong! This product sucked! It didn't remove my makeup. I didn't feel like it cleaned my skin. I have large pores. It didn't help clean them out. All it is was just water in a bottle with some type of supposed cleanser inside. No thanx! I'll keep my $7 & continue using witch hazel to do the same thing & more that the micellar water claims.

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