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I would like to give this razor a try after trying others and not happy with results
I haven't tried the Gillette Venus Swirl yet. It sure would be great to be chosen to test a sample of it at home.
I haven't use this one yet,i would love to be picked to try the Venus Gillett Swirl for free, to home test it... i'm not at all happy with many other nonelectric razor blades, because they just don't live up to what they claim, LONG LASTING CLEAN SHAVE!!!!
i have not tried this product but have tried other brands that just either cut me up or dont get all the hair so would love to try this .
I would love to try this razor out Looks like it might give a closer shave for a smooth shave
I love this product It works great on your legs I try to keep a supply in the bath cabinet
Is this easier to use or easier to get nicked? I would love to see how well this works in the tricky knee areas.
I love the Venus line. I would like to try this new one!
I am always looking for the best razor for shaving. Knees, ankles and other curves are always a challenge.
I gave my wife one of these and she said it was amazing on how well her legs felt after I shaved them for her with this razor. You all have to try this one out.. :-)
I have try different razors but not this one I will love to
I would love to try this. I'm always looking for good razors that don't give me razor burn and can last.
I would love to try this. I've used all my life Gillette products so has my husband. I have used the diposables , one that came with batterie,five blades etc. I really need this I currently need this especially on my knees its a hard area to shave.and my armpits:)
i would to try this product because I need a better razor that doesnt cut my skin
Would love to try this. It has a flex ball which would mean no cuts. They would be great.

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