4.9 5 0 115 115 Effectively lifts dust, dirt and pet hair from carpets.
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I have a vacuum but it's old fashioned n I've heard of these but I wonder if it's better than Kirby I've had for long time I'm more than willing to try n review thanks
I have not tried this product or brand. Looks light in weight and looks easy to use. Would love to try.
was looking for powerful lightweight vacumn, thanks for review.
I am shopping for a new vacuum and this was very helpful....thanks!!!
Me gustaría probarlo mi apartamento acumula mucho pólvo ,y mi gato deja pelos por todo lado .
I have been researching for a new vacuum and this one is at the top of my list.....I can not wait to buy it and start using it (badly needed)!!!!!
Would definitely Love to try this. It Looks Amazing
I would like to review this in my home. Our house is large with a lot of stairs. This seems much more practical.
I would to love try this LG cordZero A9 stick duel power ,its look like new generation vacuum , light weight, easy to hander .
I would love to try the lg cordzero A9 stick dual power we don't even have these on our shelves yet and I haven't found a vacuum yet that gets all the dog hair up .

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