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21st Century Zoo Friends Multi Gummies Plus Extra C

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Easy to chew multivitamin gummies in great tasting orange, lemon, and cherry flavor.


Egypt (Rockingham)

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1/16/2019 Home Tested with free product

My kids like the taste and gives them more energy and easy to digest but does have some artificial ingredients

Kurumi (Chico)

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1/10/2019 Home Tested with free product

This is a great way to make sure your kids get all the vitamins they need. My toddler and preschooler are certified picky eaters. And it makes really difficult to make them eat vegetables and fruits that contain nutritions they need to grow and develop mentally and physically. I try to cook healthy and nutritious foods for my children, but it is hard. So I get frustrated and worried about my children for not getting nutritions they need. This multi vitamin gummies is super fun and easy way to give my children vitamins they need every day. My children love the taste and I get a relief of knowing my children get their vitamin needs. I make sure to stack the vitamins in the kitcen cabinet.

Jeff (Flushing)

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1/4/2019 Home Tested with free product

Very good vitamins!! Tastes great and the kids love it.

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