4.3 5 0 9 9 LG’s Inverter room air conditioners produce substantially more energy savings when compared with non-Inverter room air conditioners.
22000 BTU LG DUAL Inverter Smart wi-fi Enabled Window Air Conditioner
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Air conditioner
It needs a special plug in in order to use it and we cannot modify the house since we rent the house we live in.
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Awesome Air Conditioner
The window unit was easy to install. I loved the unique feature that I could control the cooling settings from my phone. I like that this air conditioner is powerful enough to keep my rooms cool with a max cooling area of 1300 sq. ft. Another feature that I like is that it comes with auto- restart in the event of a power outage.
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Feels amazing
The functionality of this AC unit is amazing. I love that I can use my phone to make it work. Turn it on, off, change the temperature and air force.
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Great air conditioner
I am loving this air conditioner. It is strong enough that my entire first floor of my home is cool and comfortable. The fact that I can also bluetooth with it makes it even better. And while it was heavy and a little difficult to install, for me and my husband, once it was in, it was everything we wanted it to be. A definite must fit anyone without central air
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Perfect For A Big Family
When I received this air conditioner I was very skeptical. I have a four bedroom double wide trailer and two huge family rooms. It was easy to install, I did add extra bracing on the outside due to the weight. And oh so easy to use. Did I mention that I have four kids and my husband and myself have full-time jobs? We are all home at different times throughout the day. I prefer cooler temps, while the husband likes it warmer. Thanks to LG's exclusive SmartThinQ® app that I installed on my phone, I can turn the temperature down after he leaves for work. This way it is cool and comfy when I and the kids get home. Oh, yeah! It even works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Which means I don't have to get out of bed to change the temperature. And vice versa - he can turn the air up on his way home and be snug and warm. LG's unique BLDC Motor and DUAL Inverter Compressor™ help keep it quiet so we can all get a peaceful and restful nights sleep. Highly recommend!
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Ideal For A Big Fami
lyWhen I got this climate control system I was distrustful. I have a four-room twofold wide trailer and two immense family rooms. It was anything but difficult to introduce, I added additional propping outwardly because of the weight. What's more, very simple to utilize. Did I notice that I have four children and my significant other and I have all day employments? We are for the most part home on various occasions for the duration of the day. I lean toward cooler temps, while the spouse likes it hotter. On account of LG's selective SmartThinQ® application that I introduced on my telephone, I can turn the temperature down after he leaves for work. Along these lines, it is cool and comfortable when I and the children return home. Goodness, better believe it! It even works with Alexa and Google Assistant. Which means I don't need to get up to change the temperature. What's more, the other way around - he can turn the air up on his way home and be cozy and warm.
Love try this air conditioner out with wifi be super awesome.sure famiky,friends snd neighbors love to see it work to.And how cool it gets.It sure gets super Blazeing here in ohio every year.
Would like to test this product for coolness and Cold and if heat is enough for seniors for save money
No, I have central unit in my house, but I could use one when and if my unit goes out. I think this is very unique and different from the a c units I have purchased over the years.

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