Adventure Force Metal Racer Radio Controlled Vehicle Red

4.7 5 0 11 11 The Metal Racer R/C items offer cool styling with real metal bodies! These rugged items can take on most any terrain with the power of the rechargeable battery. Comes complete with USB recharging cord for quick, convenient and easy charging. Full Function control with forward, reverse, left-right steering, offer realistic action with the Pistol Grip transmitter and Steering Control Wheel on the Transmitter. The 2.4GHz Transmission Frequency assures longer transmission distances with less interference. Great for children 4 years of age and up.
Adventure Force Metal Racer Radio Controlled Vehicle Red


Toy car
My husband and I bought this last Christmas for our 6 year old and he is obsessed he loves this remote control car. We use to live in a apartment with carpet so he had small spaces to play but we just moved into a house we're he can play it in 70% of the house he's playing with it all the time going through my house, keeps him entertained for hours. Works very well just put batteries and start playing! Highly would recommend.
Toddler approved
My son loves cars and trucks alot. This has alot of power and I love that you can control it
This thing will fly!! We had such a great time playing with this in the mud and concrete. It will go fast and still be easy to control!
Hours of fun
Ok I picked up three of these and the boys were outside using them for over 4 hours. I couldn't believe how much they had enjoyed the outdoors. It was such a relief since they had been inside for so long.
Adventure Force Metal Racer Radio Controlled Vehicle Red
My Little boys and even their dad loves this Toy Racer and the Controller provides all directions of movement the plus Controller requires 2-AA batteries for operation which you have to purchase and has a 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion battery and is very sturdy and durable and fun
The best Adventure Vehicle!!
This vehicle is awesome, my son enjoys so much. The vehicle is sturdy, good quality, bright colors, easy to use and so much fun. He is so excited play with it everyday. We recommended 100%
Fun affordable RC Car
Purchased this RC racer (wireless remote control toy car) for my son and I to play with. It was pretty cheap, I believe it was about $20 at Walmart. For that price it got up and went pretty fast for a cheaper RC car, and battery life is good. It did not move as smoothly through the grass and some outside landscape, it did better inside on completely flat surfaces but for $20 it does great. Did better than some more expensive remote control cars. Would buy again, great gift for a toddler to 12 year old boy, they will love it like my 11 year old son and I did.
A cool radio controlled car. It will provide you and your kids hours of fun.
Cool racer
I bought this cordless ATV racer for my son back in December!!... He was happy with it... It drove pretty fast also n drove a pretty far distance... I love that they r rechargeable also... That made me really wanna buy it for my son!!!
Never tried but would like to give it a try
My 3 yo would enjoy this so much, we will gladly test this product..

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