4.5 5 0 73 73 Discover the more natural and premium fragrance experience of essential oils diffused by mist with Air Wick Essential Mist diffuser. It transforms natural essential oils into a gentle, fragrant mist that surrounds your home with the fragrances you love.
Air Wick Essential Mist Fall Scent Essential Oils Diffuser Refill Woodland Pine
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Love the diffuser and the scent
Got this to get rid of awful odors in the living room. Love the way it smells and how well it works. The smell had me feeling like it was Christmastime, without the holiday stress. Would recommend, just keep away from little kids who will inevitably spill the entire bottle of essential oils.
Forrest in the house
I love a good pine smell. The house smells clean and fresh, just like being in the woods. I have uses other pine scents and some were to strong and others were just right. I burn wax melts of pine as well. I would buy this fragrance again.
Pine Strong
Has a very strong smell , can be overwhelming, overpowering. Can be problematic for people who have breathing issues in a closed in space. Didn't really have a line smell more chemical smell. I wouldn't recommend
essential mist
I use this in my bathroom they are great for small spaces
This is a great product I still use one in my house
Smelling gooood
I love Airwick and was very happy to have found the fall one. I love the pine/wood smell.
Love the scent and freshness. Long lasting smell. Long use in my automatic sprayer.
Close to nature
I loved the natural scent as it was not overpowering. The soft lasting spray really envelops a room for hours. I felt as though I was in nature. Air Wick Essentials really hit the scent mark with this scent.
Smells Great!!
I love walking into a home and it smelling like it just got out the of the oven or like a garden is growing in your living room. I was surprised with the amazing scent. But most of all I was even happier with the price. I paid $5 for the little bottle of the oil Defused. I purchased the apple cinnamon scent. So I make it a point to purchase this once a week. Plus I love when my friends and family stop by to visit me i enjoy telling my friends and family what scent I’m using to get that fresh smelling scent throughout my home So Please take my advice and grab yourself some I 100% recommended this product to everyone and anyone Just give it a try and I promise you will not be disappointed in the great scent it gives your home and the long lasting scent that you will still smell when you’ve been to busy to grab some more.
Love it
Smells so good and lasts long time. I would recommend this product
Better than candles and no black film
I bought these on one of those spur of the moment trips to the store. I saw and was interested because I like the fact that it is a mist versus wax burning. In our home we had our air conditioner upgraded and when they saw our filter they said it was black like that because of all the smoke that comes from the candles. Not healthy to have in the air let alone the money I spent on filters all the time. With this little product I get the same result which actually smells our whole house just enough without having that black residue on the walls or filters. Highly recommend and will be trying other scents as well. Also good if you have pets as no worries if it gets knocked over.
Great scent at great price
I purchased this scent w the machine for Christmas. It was a great price and very good looking package. I love the smell it's not overwhelming.
Great smell
I love the smell snd the fact that the scent lasts more than a couple days! It's great for fall and winter scents!
Love the scent
great scent leaves your whole house smelling like woodland pines, great for xmas or winter time
Amazing scent
Normally I do not like the smell of pine but I bought this scent for the season and surprisingly it’s not a to strong outdoorsy scent so that’s what I love. It’s a nice shuttle line mixture and it last for a very long time. I love it

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