4.5 5 0 73 73 Discover the more natural and premium fragrance experience of essential oils diffused by mist with Air Wick Essential Mist diffuser. It transforms natural essential oils into a gentle, fragrant mist that surrounds your home with the fragrances you love.
Air Wick Essential Mist Fall Scent Essential Oils Diffuser Refill Woodland Pine
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Love it
If you're looking for a nice and not so strong smell, then this is it. I like it, hate strong smell like flowers and such but this is just perfect for me.
Great product
I love the mist room air fresheners they leave the rooms smelling very nice and comforting. They also last up to 60 days which is great. I really love this product and have recommended it to friends and family.
Smells nice
Smells nice, not too overwhelming. Easy to use and its nice that it has multiple settings.
Great diffuser
Not to overpowering. It’s nice that it only dispenses on a schedule. 3 different settings are great for finding the right amount to dispense for room size
Air Fresher
this is a great product easy to put together i like you can turn it off and on when the spray comes out it's not overwhelming
Great product
This is an great product it leaves an nice scent in your home . It is very eco friendly , it doesn’t irritate you.
Great smelling product
This is a really fresh smelling product. Just put it in and let the fresh air come out. Scent goes throughout the entire house. Really impressed with this product. I will continue to use this. I love it.
I love this product it makes my whole house smell great.
Air freshner
I love this product it leaves my bathroom smelling fresh thank you.
Woodsy Scent
Woodsy scents are my favorite when it comes to air fresheners. This Air Wick Essential Mist Air Freshener gave my home a warm cozy scent for Fall!
Smells good!
I love the woodland Pine scent!It is one of the best diffuser I have used.The bottle is big enough.The scent smells awesome but the scent didn’t last the full 30 days as promised.
Aroma fresca
Su aroma es especial para las fiestas decembrinas ya que deja una rica aroma a pino y hace que la casa se sienta fresca
Air Wick Essential mist
Best product ever... Love the Woodland Pine scent!! I feel like I'm In the Wood full of Pines!!!
Not happy
I really didn't like it it is way to strong takes my breath away
Smelled great but didn't last long
I really like the smell but doesn't last. If you put on level 3 you do get to smell it more often

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