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Air Wick Essential Mist Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refill
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So great
Ok I have 2 cats and one dog so I’m always looking for a way to make my house not smell like animals plus we smoke to so I also work to keep that smell gone to and so I tried this and thank god I did I now have a house that smells like apple and cinnamon
Perfect for Small Spaces
I use a few different varieties of plug-ins but I needed something different that wasn't overpowering. This is the perfect air freshener for my small apartment. I have mine set on the lowest setting and it's strong enough to take freshen up my living room and take care of the cat litter from the spare bathroom. It's a lovely pleasant smell and the must doesn't coat the surfaces around it.
Smells great
These are a great product. It really makes my house smell so good.
Smells like Christmas at grandmas
This product was very effective and smells delicious!!
The Air Wick Oil Diffuse Refills are amazing. It’s super easy to install into the base, and there’s no mess. Set it and forget it. The only improvement I recommend is to have more of a variety of scents. As of now, there are only a few to choose from and as much as I love apple cinnamon and clean linen scent, I’d like a little tropical or fruity, florals to choose from as well. Overall, the product works well. I enjoy having the option of running 16 hours and off 8 hours, so it’s not going while we’re sleeping. All in all, great buy and I highly recommend.
I like it
Tengo este producto en mi recámara y me gusta el olor que deja, dura mucho tiempo y tienen una gran variedad de olores disponibles.
best for plesant atmosphere
air wick has several products, but personally i liked these ones the best. i tried the apple cinnamom for fall scent it was so soothiung and calming and it just sets the mood for the day. love it!!
Love it!
It's a great product . Love the size of diffuser .It's compact and elegant. I used white color diffuser . Smell doesn't too strong and long lasting .Very gentle mist. I highly recommend this !
Great for the Office
Love using this in my office to provide smells of the season. My work is not allowed to use any plug ins or aerosols and this is a great alternative. The scent is just enough to brighten the room but not too much to be overwhelming. I love that there are different settings on the device to allow me to do more or less depending on if I have been gone for the weekend or not. Will continue to use!
Love It
This was a nice addition to adding ambiance to a room full of sick kiddos that really helped them to calm down and rest/ recover well. The lavender scented gentle mist sort of lifts through the air! Smells naturally wonderful VS plug ins and aerosol sprays.
Great scents
This diffuser product and refills is a great alternative to most products already out there. I use it in my therapy office and clients always comment on how nice it smells.
Air wick, is my number one pick
The Air Wick Essential Mist Oil Fragrance diffuser is something, In my opinion, everyone should have at least one, if not more, in their house! It smells lovely, not to strong but enough to enjoy
Love it
I love the size, and the fact that it last for a very long time. Love the smell too.
WOrks great
I purchased the almond vanilla and it works when needed and last a long time....you will be sitting in the room and all of the sudden you get a whiff of this great smell. NOT over powering.....its perfect!
Wish it lasted longer
I use the lavender scent next to my bed to help with sleep, I love that the smell isn't overbearing but i do wish it lasted longer than it does, it seem to run out sooner than the 45 days, I do continue to purchase anyways because I like the product.

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