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Air Wick Essential Mist Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refill
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Smells great & last a long time
I was impressed at how long this lasts. I like how I don’t have to plug it inn. The only draw back is it doesn’t put out enough fragrance for a big room. This works great in small rooms. I’ve only tried the apple cinnamon & I would prefer it to be stronger.
My office smells good
I am using this scent dispenser and it is fabulous it has the scent of cinnamon. Every time it lets the rich aroma spread and my desk smells good. Love it!
Lavender & Almond
The scent is light yet powerful. Not overpowering but works wonderful in one room to keep the room smelling fresh. It cycles for 8 hours. You can set how often or the strength of the mist/scent. I keep mine on the lowest setting. Works very well.
Smells great!
My dad went out and bought the kit to get an airwick diffuser the scent was too strong for him, because of his sinus issues, so he decided to give it to me. I personally loved the scent and the oils worked out great, I can leave the room, come back and smell the fragrance before I enter the room. To me I would say it's worth the money and it can last up to a month or so depending on how you use it.
Great scent
The Air Wick Essential Mist Fragrance Oil Diffuser Refill in Apple Cinnamon scent smells great. I would give it a 5 star if the scent lasted longer. It works great if you plan on being right by it for the time it is on.
Smells amazing!!
Smells amazing only problem I have with it is the liquid goes very very fast and only goes off every once in awhile.
smells great
I like the Air Wick essential mist refills. They are easy to replace and as long as you keep the diffuser set to low, it will last for the 45 days. The smell easily fills the room each time it works and isn't too strong.
Air wick
I love air wick, it smells amazing. Not too strong. It's perfect smells fresh all day!! I highly recommend this product. Pretty much perfect the way it is.
I bought for my air wick diffuser. It smells so good but the scent doesn't stay in the room very long.
Smells amazing
I have bought Air wick essential oil diffuser for every room in my house. It last much longer than their plug in diffusers. It’s pretty hard to find the refills, so I buy them online.
Great Product
I received this product as part of the home tester club. I really like the fact that it is small and that it is battery powered. The unit I received came with the apple cinnamon not my favorite fragrance but will definitely be trying some of the other fragrances available. I really do like the fact that it is not a overpowering it is very soft.
I really like the Air Wick essential oil diffuser. It's battery operated so no annoying plug and cord. I love that it automatically runs on and off for 8 hours and then pauses for 16 hours. No waste of scent while you're not home or sleeping. I also like that it's not too big and doesn't take up much space.
It puts out a decent smell. And is easy to use. Also pretty affordable compared to similar products.
So great
Ok I have 2 cats and one dog so I’m always looking for a way to make my house not smell like animals plus we smoke to so I also work to keep that smell gone to and so I tried this and thank god I did I now have a house that smells like apple and cinnamon
Perfect for Small Spaces
I use a few different varieties of plug-ins but I needed something different that wasn't overpowering. This is the perfect air freshener for my small apartment. I have mine set on the lowest setting and it's strong enough to take freshen up my living room and take care of the cat litter from the spare bathroom. It's a lovely pleasant smell and the must doesn't coat the surfaces around it.

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