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love this !!!!!!!!!!!!
I have 3 digs and have this in the rooms there in The oil refills are perfect and last quite a bit of time. It offers a nice airy scent and isn’t too powerful. which is a good thing I have very bad allergies
Does not last 45 days
I have tried the Air Wick Essential Mist Fragrance Oil and was unhappy that it only lasted half the 45 days it states on the package. The fragrance is very nice and does fill a room.
Love the smell
I love them, i have not tried any others but when it comes to plugging in a scent i qm obsesses with the new island scent that is amazing. Although, as good as it smells it doesnt really clean anything and it may help mask scents but doesnt remove them basically they are a great product to have for when having family or guests where ir may be tight for a biy or if u just want an aroma when u walk in your place but in all reality i find them on sale because they ade pricey esp when keeping up with them, i always have them turned all the way where the most is let into air and that's the only way i even can smell it because it is very pleasant and still a great tool to just plug in at your convenience
Nice little portable diffuser
I bought this about a month or so ago as it was on sale and I have been wanting to try this. I set it up in my guest bathroom and at first it was great, I could smell the aromatherapy and all was good. About 2 weeks later I noticed it wasn't as fragrant. I checked the batteries and they were still good but the oil mist was out. I was expecting it to last at least 30 days. I am unsure if I will be buying a refill or if I will stick to my plug in air fresheners. If you are looking for a more natural air freshener then go with this unit but know it may not last as long as a plug in does.
Buen olor
Buen olor, el citrico es el mejor pero no es tan durarero como esperaba.
Perfect for the office
I purchased this on a whim when looking for a little pick me up on my desk at work. The oil refills are perfect and last quite a bit of time. It offers a nice airy scent and isn’t too powerful.
Great mood changer
I love Airwick's new Mist difussers. The smell is so sweet and not at all overpowering, but can change the mood in the room instantly
Waste of space and money
I bought this refill at the same time that I bought the starter kit. I couldn't find any other scents other than the one that came in the kit. A lavender scent. I put it in my bathroom because it being the smallest room in my house I figured that's where I would be able to smell it most. Well I didn't smell it at all. If I wanted to smell it I literally had to have it sitting under my nose when it went off. The scent didn't disperse through the room any and it didn't linger like I want my room scents to do. It basically was just an object that sat on my bathroom counter and took up unnecessary space. The diffuser wasn't even cute.
Love this!!
I purchased this one yr ago and haven’t needed to use any other type of room fresher since last about 45 days keeps my house smelling great for weeks on end
Love this product
I have purchased these air freshners in the past and love them! They are very helpful to freshen the air!
Such an experience!
I enjoy the fragrance and the atmosphere it creates. I was also complimented by visitors about the lovely aroma in my home. Very versatile.
Smells lovely
Air wick has some great products and in trying to keep up with the essental oil craze, they mixed their freshmatic and oils. The essential oil blends they have smell good. I tried the Merry Cherry Holiday, which is packed full of sweet scents. It lingers for a while and masks pet/smoke/kids odors. It could last longer and if it spills, it stains. Otherwise, a decent product.
This product is very nice looking. It has a different design as far as the holder. The scent itself is very nice. Its very noticable. The device it goes in is a different story. As far as this product alone..its nice and i have already purchased 2 more ☺
Doesn't last
Not sure if it was just the first on but it only lasted maybe 12 day before I had to put another one In. It smells amazing and brings a calm to the room. Just wish it would last 30 days like some of their other applicators
Essential smells
Such an amazing product. It's like fresh flowers blooming in a forest. The smell is so defined that its air feel like a burst of fresh air of ages.

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