Airborne Chewable Vitamin C Tablets Very Berry 1000mg

4.8 5 0 93 93 Airborne Effervescent Tablets have a crafted blend of Vitamin C and 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs to help support your immune system in a great-tasting form*. Each serving (1 tablet) provides 1000 mg of Vitamin C.
Airborne Chewable Vitamin C Tablets Very Berry 1000mg


Very Berry Airborne
I love the taste of the Very Berry Airborne Chewable Vitamin C tablet. I feel that vitamin C is very important anytime of the year and knowing that I am getting 1000mg in one tablet makes me happy and feels good.
Chewables for convenience!
I am a firm believer in boosting my immunity and taking supplements to support that. These chewables are a nice option for doing that. While i didn’t love the flavor, they are still convenient and easy to use. The flavor wasn’t bad, just maybe not my preference.
Easy to chew
Has a good taste. Easy and convenient to use. I love that I can take it on the go. They are large tablets but are very easy to chew.
Airborne Chewable Very Berry Vitamin C Tablets are amazing! The taste is so good and they are so good for you. It's a win-win situation 👍😄
Vitamin C Very Berry
Yummy tasting vitamin c tablets! They seemed to work great and by taking them consistently, I have felt good.
Good working
I liked the Airborne Chewables. The flavor was good. The only thing I did not like was the aftertaste.
Extra C for flu season
I loved the taste which made Airborne Chewables easy to take. I think now is a great time to have extra vitamin C in your diet. I worry about Covid-19 as well as just flu season in general. I feel protected and I will continue to supplement with Airborne.
Good stuff
Great to have, quick and easy to take. Very tasty also
It was a little chalky at first but have gotten use to it, all for better health.
No more alka seltzer !!
I would definitely recommend these over the effervescent ones because they are so much better tasting and easier to use.
Taste great!!
I am so happy I was able to try the Airborne Chewable Vitamin C Tablets Very Berry 1000mg. They taste so good. Nice berry flavor. It’s nice to have a “medicine” to chew. I take enough medication that I need to swallow with water. These tablets... no water needed. I like to have extra vitamin c, especially during the cold and flu season. 
Just okay
I can't know how well they work. You are supposed to take four a day and they are pretty big. They taste like a sweet sour chalky candy so the taste isn't bad, but I can get just as much from smaller pills, so unless you have issues swallowing pills I don't see the point.
Airborne Support
Airborne very berry is a very good way to help support your immune system. The taste of the chewable vitamin is very good, not bitter and not sweet. I like it's a herbal blend and is enhanced with echinacea and ginger
Air Borne Berry
Very pleasant berry flavor. I would consider taking this again. No bad after taste. You do have to take 4 per day, so cost may be a factor for some considering how fast they are consumed. Overall, I would recommend.
Surprisingly tasty
Airborne Chewable Vitamin C Tablets, Very Berry, 1000mg is really tasty. I was honestly surprised, my kids even enjoyed it and ask for it.

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