Amika: Fadeblock Pre-Shampoo Color Seal

4.7 5 0 57 57 A pre-shampoo treatment that seals the cuticle and balances hair''s pH level to protect color from wash-related fading.
Amika: Fadeblock Pre-Shampoo Color Seal


Color block
I am a great fan of AMIKA haircare and regular color my hair. I was interested try this product to see if it works in prolonging my hair color. After using it for three weeks, I did not notice any difference and my hair color did not seem extended.
Ultimate Color protection
I am in love with this product, and use it on all of my vivid color clients. This truly helps to lock your color in for much longer, as well as sealing the cuticle for ultimate shine. Ugh 10/10
Great product!
This product does exactly what it says! I only wash my hair about two to three times a week and I have noticed a huge difference in my hair health within a short time! Definitely recommend!!
This is one of the best products I have ever used I highly recommend that you use this your like will be changed
No fade!
Fadeblock is a great product! I am already a huge fan of Amika products, and adding Fadeblock to my hair hair routine is a no brainer. It kept my hair color vibrant and shiny.
Love this brand! My hairdresser uses this brand and I bought it to use at home! Smells great and my hair as never been better! Highly recommend for beautiful and color safe hair!
Almost all of their products are amazing. This one is nice and does what it should. Not bad scents either
Pre shampoo COlor
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my hair. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. Preshampoo color
Great smelling color extender
I received this as a free sample from Sephora. I really liked the way it smelled and it was easy to use. I would put it on my hair after my work out and then wash it out when I showered. I did not feel anything on my hair after drying. It did not leave behind any residue and my hair felt silky. I think it did extend the time before I needed to color my hair.
Smell good and healthy hair
Even though I have been using it for a week, I feel my hair healthier and smoother. Besides it smells really good. Even my husband likes it too.
Smells Amazing!
I did not receive this as part of a free product trial. That said, I bought this and absolutely LOVE the scent of this product and the way it seemed to seal in my color and made my hair feel great! Definitely recommend!
I received a free sample of this product on a subscription box awhile back and I loved it! It held my color through shampooing instead of having rainbows running in the shower. This product is definitely something people who color their hair regularly need to invest in!
I dye my hair at home - im a natural strawberry blond - but older I get the darker it gets ..I have purchased almost all amika products & this pre - shampoo or pre-dye is amazing ...let's color really work & ive noticed ive had to use less bust the brass by amika - I still use the purple shampoo to keep my hair from turning orange as our home has city water but hard ..GREAT PRODUCT ..
Love this company
I love everything about the entire company and hair care line and yes this one is also a high quality product that works wonders with a very lovely smell
2 thumbs up
I am a fan of this brand and product. I like how this left my hair feeling soft and hydrated.

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