Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie

4.7 5 0 208 208 Precisely shape and define eyebrows with Tweezerman's Angled Brow Brush. Our dual sided synthetic angled bristle shape and spoolie are perfectly sized for narrow brow shapes. Perfect for a natural, feathered brow look.
Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie


Works great
This works great for all kinds of eyebrows and products. I love that the brush can help to shape my eyebrows as well as apply product evenly. This is a go-to, way better than any of the brushes that come with brow products.
Yay Spoolie, Boo Brush
Spoolie end brushes brow hairs well, brow brush does not apply powder well to brows, only minimal amount remains on brow (I have used other brushes with same powder resulting in better application)
Looking for the perfect brow brush?!
I was looking for a new brow brush to use literally right before I got the email about getting this and I am not disappointed at all. The both sides of the brush are small and honestly perfect size to get your brows just right
Just What I Needed--Brow Brush
I liked the Tweezerman Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie. My brows are pretty sparse. I liked how the brow brush made my brows look fuller and more defined. I will definitely keep using this brush.
Great makeup tool
I love the length and feel of this brow brush in my hand while using it. It is easy to use and works in keeping my eyebrows fluffed and angled correctly. I love how it is handy and angles my brows. It helps me feel put together and beautiful.
All you need!
I absolutely love this brush and spoolie by Tweezerman. It is all you need to give your brows that look you are wanting. I now keep one at home in my make-up organizer and one in my purse for touch ups while I am on my lunchbreak. I know this would make a perfect gift for anyone you know.
Not too shabby
The brush is good. I would like you to be a little bit smaller and thinner that way I’ll be able to do more precise clean hair like strokes.
Perfect shade
I really love how it helped me shaped up my brows and the color to even out. It doesnt smear easily and it made my look more appealing
Angeled Brow Brush & Spoolie is the Best
My brows are very very light in color. The Angeled Brow Brush & Spoolie has made it so easy to make my brows look great again. The product is very good. It is made well too. I enjoy using it.
this product is very helpful.
this product made fixing my eyebrows so easy. it was all in one and i loved it. it was easy to clean and i even used it for my eye make up
Best brush yet!
I absolutely love this brush! I’ve had a brush I was using for years for my brows and was the only one I felt worked good until I received this one! It hold the pigment so well gel or powder
Trying something new
This product works great. Very smooth and easy to use. I don't usually use anything on my brows but I will continue to use this product. I have thin spots in my brows and this worked perfectly without making the rest of my brows extra thick
Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie
Ulta's Angled Brow & Spoolie is the ultimate duo in one brush to achieve perfect perfection! Use the spoolie to groom and the angled brow to wow. Features Spoolie tames brows Angled tip effortlessly applies color Best used with cream, wax or powder Premium Natural Hair and wood handle Stiff, dense bristles with an angled shape Great for travel
Eyebrows matter
This Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie is great! My eyebrows look amazing thanks to this product. Unfortunately I suffer from alopecia and I lose my eyebrows often but with this Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie I can create the "illustration" that my eyebrows are full and beautiful! Everything blends easily and I was very pleased with this product.
Works as intended
I received a free sample of the Tweezerman Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie in exchange for my honest review. I am pleased with this product. It delivered as expected and helped make my brows look even better. I will definitely add this to my makeup tool routine.

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