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Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant
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Dont work for me
Well at fisrts i really like the freshness and the light fealings,but wont last much hours.I used when i stay at home but not for going out.I will used again if it last more hours.
Not the greatest
Not the greatest in my experience. Just not strong enough for me.
Not for me
I really loved it at first as I've tried several different brands and thought this would be my new go to deodorant. It ended up making my skin sensitive leading to a rash and my skin breaking out. I had high hopes as it is a more natural choice but this didn't work out.
Awesome product
I love that it’s aluminum free. My arm pits turn black and they burn and itch with the aluminum deodorants.
Great deodorant!! my husband and I use it. It’s very good !!! Long lasting! Keeps you fresh!!!!
Arm and Hammer Essentials Deodorant
I have been using arm and hammer essentials deodorant for a few months now. I like that this deodorant is both aluminum and paraben free. This is a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, so I do expect to still sweat a little while using this product. This deodorant has a clean scent and I believe that it is unisex. I love to pick up a few of these deodorants at a time when they are on sale at walgreens.
Great value
I have tried the Arm and hammer max fresh in the past and it made my armpits smell so I was iffy giving this version a try. I think this worked well my armpits didnt smell the size is great it will last you, but I dont think I will be replacing my deodarnt with this one.
Not strong enough for me
I tried this deodorant and it just wasn't strong enough for my needs. I work pretty hard and definitely need a stronger deodorant to help me feel cleaner. I like arm and Hammer products but I will not use this deodorant again.
Great for pre-teens
Natural and safe for pre-teen. Arm & Hammer brand helps eliminate the sweaty odor after his sports practice or games.
I purchased this deodorant trying to find something that could keep me drier during the day. It worked for a few weeks and then I had to change to a different brand. I can't speak for everyone. It was just "ok".
This is the deodorant I use everyday. I first bought it when I was looking for deodorant WITHOUT antiperspirant. Not an easy task. It has a nice, clean smell, not overpowering or flower-y. It keeps me from not being stinky. Of course it does not stop you from sweating, but we're supposed to sweat! Plus, the aluminum in deodorants has health concerns.
Ihave used thus product. It keeps me dry and fresh. I did recommend it to my friend because she has a lot of alergies
Fantastic product for those whom are sensitive to antiperspirants like I am. I developed a severe sweat gland blockage due to using Drysol (a prescription antiperspirant) after only using it for two weeks and was advised by my doctor to never use antiperspirants again to avoid further damage. I no longer use it but it was very effective in keeping arm odor to a bare minimum.
I love Arm and Hammer products. When i saw the Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant in the shelf I bought it without a second thought. And I am glad I did. I like that is aluminum and paraben free and help me stay fresh.
I was always looking for an aluminum free deodorant that was also cheaper than the expensive natural ones and i happened upon this brand. Works great and has a nice clean smell.

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