Arm & Hammer In-Wash Scent Booster Tropical Paradise

4.7 5 0 551 551 This tropical sunshine fresh fragrance begins with a delectable blend of sun-ripened fruity florals while vibrant citrus shines through. A warm, gentle tropical breeze leaves a long-lasting trail of freshness. <li>Deodorization plus Long-Lasting Freshness <li>Revitalizing, long-lasting freshness plus pure ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda <li>Add to your washer before clothes for a scentsationally fresh laundry experience <li>HE Compatible <li>Safe for all colors, washable fabrics and load types</li>
Arm & Hammer In-Wash Scent Booster Tropical Paradise


Works well
Smells great and does the job. Nice size for the price. Economical. I use half what the recommended and still smells fantastic
Love this stuff!
I literally use these scent boosters for everything! They make my house and car and clothes smell great! I make a air freshener with them and also shampoo my floors with them and it leaves everything smelling so fresh!
Smells good.
I bought this because they were out of my normal beads, to my surprise this actually smelled really good. I love the fact that the beads are tiny because they seem to dissolve alot better and do not leave little stains like some I have tried.
I have 7 dogs and for some reason they run when it bath time so they stink. With this on my laundry I don't have to worry anymore if I smell like my dogs who run around in our field all day long then drag what ever shirt or sock or I think you get the picture. The scent is amazing to, and compliments my deodorant so I don't have to worry about perfume at work.
Arm & Hammer is comparable to High Dollar Products!
Arm & Hammer Scent Booster in Tropical Paradise can be compared to more expensive products with the same results just available for a lower price. This product is just as effective as the more expensive products and smells great, leaving your clothes smelling so clean & fresh. Arm & Hammer is a great choice for laundry scent boosters.
Transformed my wash
I love the smell of fresh laundry, scented towels, and fresh smelling clothes. I purchased it when I saw a commercial and friend's recommended. This definitely changed my whole laundry routine. Now I put a capful into the wash and everything smells so gooood.
One Word Awesome
This is the best product ever!! I use this product with every load of laundry!! The scent is clean and there is no film build up on the laundry when the wash is complete. The big plus I have severe sensitive skin there has been no allergic reactions and any skin irritations. I highly recommend this product plus all of the scent available smell great!!
Love it
I love this product I live the smell and everything I highly recommend it
Absolutely the best on the market!!!!
There isn't another product on the market that does as well as this one. The only complaint I have is that it doesn't come in a large size bottle and if it does I haven't found it anywhere I shop at.
Best laundry scent booster
I LOVE these scent boosters they smell great and LAST
Laundry smells so fresh and fun
Love this makes the laundry smell So good and the fragrance lasts. So easy to ise
Product is amazing on your clothes......
Better than any other scent bead brands
I had bought this when I was out shopping and couponing. We had always bought the Unstoppables Brand but we weren’t around any Sam’s Club so I had to look at our local grocery stores prices, sales & downloadable coupons for the best deal on scent beads. I ended up getting the Arm & Hammer scent beads because they were on sale (a good one too) and I also had a coupon downloaded onto my loyalty card. I pretty much ended up paying $1.50 each for 2. I was very surprised that I was able to smell the beads throughout my house while the washer was running. I didn’t have to use a lot in the washer. After drying & folding clothes and then putting in my drawer, 2 days later when I opened the drawer and my drawer smelled like the beads!! Love these and are better the cheap brands & Unstoppable brand!
Affordable Freshness!
I don't know about you guys, but I am HUGE on having clothes, towels and bedding that smells drastically amazing and I don't just mean for the first day or two after they were washed. I tried this product on a whim during a penny pinching week and I was NOT disappointed! If you want the long lasting freshness and don't wanna spend a ton on other expensive products I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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