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What a great product
Ever since using this product, I haven’t stopped using it. I really feel this product cleans just like it says. No improvements that I can really think of. I would totally recommend this for people with children.
Can't tell if it really help with fading
It smells really good and washes my clothes pretty good. Just can't tell any difference in my clothes and fading. I'm going onto my second jug
Get the dirt out!
This is the detergent I have been using for the past 5 years. It removes grease, dirt, oil, pretty much anything I get on my clothes. I have tried alot of detergents and this one beats them all.
it is ok
I tried it for a cheap alternative to my usual it has oxy I love that and I mean it was ok clothes were not ad clean as I like took more per load and it did smell good that something
My favorite laundry soap
Gets my laundry super clean and smells great. I have sensitive skin and this is my preferred laundry soap, as it doesn’t irritate my skin at all but also gives me that clean laundry smell
It works
It is my clothes smelling great for days. I can still smell how fresh my laundry is at the end of my work day. I love it!
Para lavar ropa
Es un producto para lavar ropa .Te deja una rica fragancia a tu ropa y es útil en cualquier clase de textiles.Rinde para suficientes tandas de lavado
Love it
I use it all the time . Great at removing tough stains from boys clothes and my husbands he works full time in the dirt .love it
I love this stuff
I use Arm and Hammer with oxicy clean alot. I use it to wash my close in when I'm having skin issues it helps me not itch and that saies alot because other detergents makes it worse.
Having an 8 month old I find myself with more stains on my cloths than his has. And the oxy is great on stain fighting
This is my favorite!
I love love love this detergent! It smells extremely good and it kills the odor of smelly sweaty clothes! I don't have to put more than is required to wash a load of clothes with out feeling as if I was ripped off!I have a year old pair of denim jeans that is my favorite pair and they currently still look brand new as the day I bought them. This detergent does not fade my clothes! The day I first tried this product was the day I knew I found my forever detergent. It does not irritate me or my families skin. I love arm & hammer products and again I wasn't disappointed when I found this detergent!
Best laundry detergent
I've tried many laundry detergents but this one not only gets my clothes clean but the smell stays with your clothes when you put them on
The best
Have always used this brand. Absolutely love how clean the cloths get and how good the detergent smells. It also works very well with newborn babies. I would recommend this and i do.
Love it!
I have tried many detergent over the years. I always seem to come back to this one, not only is it cheap but it gets the clothes clean and leaves them smelling clean. It also works well when you need to pretreat your clothes before washing them for stains. I have never had a problem with it. I always gets the stain out. Would recommend it to anyone on an budget who wants clean clothes that dont fade.
Laundry Soap
Absolutely love this Laundry soap. My family has sensitive skin and still is able to use the fragrance ones as well.

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