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Good product
Smells good. Cleans clothes/fabrics well and gets stains out pretty tt good too. Nice thick liquid that doesn’t make a huge mess when using it
Not only does this particular laundry detergent smell amazing, it also cleans better than other name brand detergents. I use this particular detergent for laundry that has been soiled from my pets. The outcome is fresh and very clean! I wouldn’t use any other detergent!
Laundry detergent
Tired it works really good clothes smell good and clean fresh smell
Absolutely loveee arm and hammer laundry soap. Makes clothes smell amazing as well as beautifuly cleans all color clothing.
Arm and Hammer Detergent
Smells great. Gets stains out good. Satisfied with this product.
Arm & Hammer
Works great & reasonably priced! Cleaned my whites & darks.
Arm and hammer detergent
I love arm& hammer with oxi it really clean my clothes
Smells good
Overall It's a good deturgent and it smells good. I didn't really notice if it helped my color stay in my clothes or not. Maybe if they gave out coupons for the next bottle you buy to see if it works.
Really good for the price!
I bought this stuff awhile ago but hadn't used it until now. I wish I would've sooner. It works so well. My 3 oldest kids are boys and they have mastered their ruining clothes skills and I've always had to use a detergent, an in wash stain remover plus a spray on stain remover to get them clean. When using this detergent I haven't needed to add any stain fighters to go along with it. My only issue for me personally is the smell. I'm not a big fan of the smell. Plus my clothes didn't come out as soft. It cleanses great though. Its price saves me a ton of money too.
I have 3 boys that love the outdoors and this does a really good job of cleaning their clothes! Less stains and saved clothes makes this Mommy happy!
love this detergent for all my cleaning needs def recommend
arm n hammer with oxi clean fade defense
We have tried many different detergents and have finally found the one. We will be keeping it around.
This product is pretty good actually. And it was very cheap. I love also that the brand Oxi Clean is in this too. It also got the spots and stains out so thats excellent!
I will never get another detergent to use
I will never change to anything else it left my clothes smelling good and looking great
My Go-To
I love love love this detergent. My colors stay bright and vibrant, my darks stay dark, and my laundry always smell fresh!

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