ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean™ with Fade Defense ™, Sparkling Waters

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ARM & HAMMER™ Plus OxiClean™ with Fade Defense ™, Sparkling Waters


This is a staple in my house.
This detergent is one of the best out there that I have tried. The price is very reasonable. Leaves clothes clean and smelling clean and fresh.
Not to shabby...
I've been using Arm& Hammer laundry soap off and on for a couple of years, and recently decided to try the fade resistant one. I really like it and have noticed a slight difference in my colored clothes. My husband wears mostly black clothes and hates when they get that greyish look. I'm hoping with continued use they will look better.
Clean fresh clothes
We all know arm and hammer is the best for getting things clean but this is a well new clean for my clothes and I love it
Work great
This is all I buy it works great it gets the job done when I have bad stains it take them out almond hammer
Love it
I did laundry for a retirement center and this is the laundry soap we used. It works very well and take out the smell of soiled laundry.
Great cleaning for a fantastic price
I’m at Hama detergent is a great product and does a great job of cleaning your clothes for an absolutely fantastic price. You can spend lots of money but why would you?
Works better than most
Again. Wasnt sent this product from here. Have used this product. Works just as good as Tide and All and Gain
Arm and Hammer
I really like this product but I only purchase it when it is on sale. It needs to work on a lasting scent and I would buy it regularly
Love this brand
I tried this product when it went on sale and fell in love with it. Although I use alot of the arm & hammer detergents and I don't have a complaint against any but this one has a great smell. I can't speak to much on the whether the color defense is any better in this particular product because I've never had trouble with any of arm & hammer products causing fading to my clothes. I think that statement is unnecessary for the bottle.
Great soap for your money
Well i purchased Arm and Hammer over the weekend because it was on sale at my local Kroger. I thought well how bad can it be? And let me tell you what its totally awesome and its great smelling product. Glad i bought Arm and Hammer instead of my regular brand because i saved money and it worked and my clothes where clean and smelled fresh. It worth switching for. Please give it a try you won't regret it. Have a great day .
it cleans
I only bought this because it was on sale for $2 with a coupon; I was pleasantly surprised at how well it cleaned. I will not be buying the high priced detergent anymore. Very impressed for the price; the stains came out!
laundry soap
this is what i always buy at the store it works great an does not make me itch
I have bought and used this product in the past, it's gets your clothes really clean and leaves them smelling fresh. It's a excellent stain remover as well. I would definitely recommend this product..
Oxy Clean
I buy arm & Hammer detergent quite often because i find it to be mild and not cause any irritation to my skin or the little one. I like that it has oxy already in it and i dont have to purchase separately as i do with other detergents i use to really help with tough stains. ARM & Hammer cleans clothes extremely well and leave them smelling fresh. I even use it to wash my furbabies things. It is very inexspensive compared to some of the other brands and very cleaning effective. I reccomend this detergent .
Clothes smell amazing
I have used A&H laundry detergent for years. A&H Plus OxiClean with Fade Defense, Sparkling Waters is my all time favorite. Clothes stay vibrant and clean. I will not buy nothing but A&H.

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