Arnold Sandwich Thin Rolls White

4.5 5 0 48 48 Arnold Sandwich Thin Rolls White come in a pack of 8.
Arnold Sandwich Thin Rolls White


Healthy and Low Carb
Sandwich thins are very good and a great way to make a sandwich without getting alot of carbs. I like these better than thicker breads because you are able to get a nice ratio of bread to sandwich fillings. I think they work really nicely as a breakfast sandwich with eggs and cheese.
Works well
For less calories and the carrying convenience, this makes making sandwhiches on trips and in cars a breeze without worrying about smooshed bread
Sandwich Thins
I am a bread lover but I know I should cut down on the carbs. These sandwich thins are a nice twist to eating sandwiches without the extra carbs. You can get them straight out the bag or give them a quick toast to heat them up a bit.
Makes great sandwiches!
Love Arnold Sandwich Thins. They make the perfect sized sandwich. Have purchases both the white and whole wheat and both are terrific. The work great in pannini press as well. Also make great mini pizzas.
Thin bread
It's a very good replacement but you get enough.
great bread replacement
I really love these. They have a great flavor and work as a bread replacement. My favorite flavors are the white, potato, and whole wheat. I like the potato the best but it is so hard to find. Other sandwich thins I have tried almost taste chewy but these are just like eating the first and last piece of bread in a loaf but together.
Very good
I loved these. They are perfect for making sandwiches. I love how thin they are. I had weight loss surgery and try to cut out as much bread as I can. I would highly recommend this!
The best bread for sandwiches
I buy these for lunch sandwiches. I also stuff them with pizza items and heat them in the oven. It is like a homemade hot pocket. My boys love this bread for lunches. They are soft but able to hold up to a good size sandwich.
These make a great little sandwich with cutting back on calories. Works great for breakfast sandwiches, just the right size.
Sandwich thins
These are perfect to make smaller sandwich’s when you only want a small snack.
Love them
It's been a couple years since I've had these because my store no longer carries them. I loved them they were perfect for me for lunch.
Good stuff!
These are the perfect size for realistically portioned sandwiches. They make great buns for veggie burgers, too!
Great for backpacking!
We buy these to take backpacking and add 2 in a ziplock back with a pouch of tuna and mayo packet. On the trail, these are a great protein source as well as enjoyable meal filled with flavor. The bread bolds up exceptionally well even after 25 miles.
I don’t usually like to make sandwiches and I don’t like excess bread with my sandwiches. I like using this sandwich bread because it’s the perfect size and tastes great!! I actually want to make more sandwiches because of this bread!! I would definitely recommend!
Perfect complement for all burger meals.
These thins are soft yet strong enough to hold up as a bun for Sloppy Joe's, hamburgers with the works and chicken salad.

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