4.7 5 0 440 440 Specially formulated for babies, this zinc oxide sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection with skin-soothing natural oatmeal.
Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Lotion Sunscreen SPF 50
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Liquid Gold!
This stuff is truly amazing! My toddler has sensitive and fair skin so I'm careful about what we use. I tried 2 other sunscreens previously that I thought were okay and my daughter ended up with a little bit of red. I am so grateful the pediatrician recommended this! It completely blocks the sun as it should! She does not get burned at all and no more worried mama! My husband and I actually started to use this as well!
I like this sunscreen. The smell isn’t strong and comes on smoothly!
Love this !
This is what in use for my toddler. It has SPF 50 and works well for beach days. I also use it on my face! Its so absorbant that I don't have to constantly re apply often. I recommend this product!
No fus
I took my little cousin out in the baby pool last summer and this is what my aunt had, and it went on easy and she let me put it on her from head to toe without any fus.
Works great
I used this on my son during the summer at the pool a d it worked great to keep his skin safe from sunburn
Love it
This is what i use for my babies and have never disappoint me I love it really helps for the sun plus leaves skin feeling soft
Great for sensitive skin
My son has very sensitive skin and has a reaction to a lot of lotions and sun screens and this worked with no reaction, s must have for our family now!
Worked good,not greasly. Easy to use. Would recommend family to use this product
I love this brand
I love this brand. Since my two sons were born, I have used this brand, and I love all of its products. I use this to get out and it's very smooth when applying.
Aeveno baby lotion.
So soothing, especially at night. I will use every night . Soft and healing. The aroma is great. Live this product.
of course we are talking about Aveeno they are perfect!! i use this all summer for my kids. its perfect!
Great for baby
Used this for a girl I nanny for who actually has excema and psoriasis. It was sensitive enough for her to wear and not make anything flare up and protect her from the sun
This is an amazing products for babiez. The whole line is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend to everyone with babiez
Is super good product for the children , í recomended
Great product! it was very smooth and soft on the skin.

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