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Smells great
These are great. It smells beter than the other ones that I have tried. It is a little more pricy and that is the reason I do not use it anymore. but other than that I'll say it is an overall great product.
Nice baby wash
I like this baby wash. It is light, cleans good, makes baby skin soft. No strong smell.
Aveeno baby wash/shampoo is very good. It lathers good and has a great scent. I liked that my baby didnt cry when it got in his eyes on accident. I recommend this product. Its very good for newborns and bigger toddlers too.
Great for dry skin!
This is a great product for thise little ones who have dry skin or eczema. It works great and doesn't irritate or dry out their skin. I have also used this for muself as well and it works great.
Very gentle on babys skin and doesnt leave skin feeling dry or cracked like a bar of soap does. Since its "lightly scented" obviously It didnt make him smell very baby bath clean either. Which is just a big factor for me when im buying baby bath products. But all in all its an amazing safe product for baby.
This wash & shampoo doesn’t get overly ‘soapy’ so it is easy to rinse and doesn’t get in eyes. Plus, it’s gently on baby’s skin and doesn't leave a residue.
Great body wash and shampoo
Really love this baby wash and shampoo! It’s very gentle on our babies skin and he always comes out smelling so good and soft! It’s really done wonders for his skin! I highly recommend this to all mommas with little ones!
Aveeno babywash and shampoo is super gentle and clean and super lightly scented. I recommend this for babies
Weird smell
The wash and shampoo does it's job but it has a weird smell to it. It left my daughter's hair smelling like hand sanitizer. The bottle says it's "lightly scented" and whatever scent they used in it smells bad. I won't be using it again.
Works well, feels safe
It is very mildly scented. It is good for generally sensitive skin but I didn't dare try it for my second baby's eczema skin. With first baby, I loved it and he loved it too! I use a lot ofaveeno products for both babies
Aveeno baby shampoo
This is best shampoo am using form last two years not only shampoo i use moisturizer of this brand i like the product
Like it
This isn't my first brand of choice when it comes to shampoo for my children, but it's probably my 2nd go to choice. The smell is great and it seems to do very well on my child.
Love it!
I absolutely love this product. It leaves my baby's skin soft to the touch and smelling great. The smell is not overwhelming and I love how easy it is to use. It does not leave the skin dry but keeps all the moisture in. I highly recommend this to all moms.
danielle conboy
I use these on my daugther alot because she has eczema really bad and when we use it it clams it down for a little bit and i give her a bith with it everytime and it dont has a smell to it but i love it
I like this product because the way it smells, and really keeps the baby clean.

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