4.9 5 0 17 17 Aveeno Baby Lightly Scented Wash & Shampoo is now available in a newly designed 18-fl. oz. pack featuring a Data Matrix code, and comes with a bonus Sensitive All Over Wipes. Recommenced by pediatricians, the product is described as a tear-free, rich lathering cleanser with natural oat extract to gently cleanse for hair and body, without drying. Formulated without soap, paraben and phthalate, the allergy-tested and hypoallergenic product is suitable for sensitive skin, and said to rinse clean with a soft, fresh fragrance.
Aveeno Baby Lightly Scented Wash & Shampoo
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The only thing that works
My youngest child suffers from really bad eczema, this is the only wash that doesn’t irritate him. It doesn’t have a fragrance which I miss from my other kids washes but it’s understandable due to to the circumstances. It does the job and it works and that’s all I could honestly ask for.
I absolutely love Aveeno kid products! This leaves my kids skin clean, soft and fresh. There is just something about the way it leaves your skin feeling. Even the kids love it!
best ever
i have bought these product and is really good is one of the best
Perfect for baby
I have two daughters with sensitive skin. This lightly scent wash has been perfect for both my girls. I love this so much I have purchased several more bottles to make sure I had enough.
Aveeno Baby
I absolutely loved using Aveeno Baby Lightly Scented Wash & Shampoo when my son was a newborn. Because he had such sensitive skin I wanted to make sure whichever soap I used for him was lightly scented but still smelled good but would not irritate his sensitive baby skin. Aveeno was definitely a win for us.
It’s okay
Not my favorite smell by far. But I’ll give it 4 stars bc it is great on babies skin. Especially if they have sensitive skin. I would definitely recommend this. I would love if they could change up the smell though.
Safe for babies and adults
Aveeno baby lightly scented wash smells wonderful and works great! My daughter has used this since I brought her home and she's 4 years old now. My aunt uses Aveeno baby as well due to allergies from other body washes. I definitely recommend to everyone!
Great and gentle on baby
I loved this product as it was a 2-in-1 for washing your babies body, but also their heads! The scent was great and it left my child's skin smooth and soft. I recommend this product if you have a baby or even a toddler!
Aveeno Baby Lightly Scented Wash & Shampoo. Aveeno is amazing
Baby soft
We love aveeno baby wash for our one year old. He has allergies and sensitive skin. This is one of the only products we’ve used that haven’t caused him to break out or be itchy.
Great for baby!
We used this for my first son and loved it! Not overly scented and gentle on his skin. Produced a good amount of bubbles. Reasonably priced and easy to use top.
No heavy scents and gentle on baby skin. used on all 4 of my children and i give as gift to others.
Gentle for Baby
We love Aveeno products, and we especially love the baby wash for our little guy. This baby wash is gentle for his very sensitive skin and has a nice light scent. It is important to have effective and gentle products for the little ones. I trust this to do the job!
Great for adults, too!
I love this Aveeno baby wash. I have sensitive skin and have used it as an allover body wash, as bubble bath, and as shampoo when traveling to visit relatives and not wanting to pack more than one bottle of soap for a trip. It's fabulous, lightly scented and does not make me itch. Highly recommended.
Baby Galore
I love this Aveeno Baby. I didn't know Aveeno came out with baby products so when I saw the set I bought it. My kids both have bad eczema and this helps along with the lotion. It soothes their skin and I don't see them scratching as often. Great product!

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