4.4 5 0 57 57 Product Overview Refresh and prep in one step AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® MAXGLOW™ Serum + Primer. Create a glowing, smooth canvas for makeup and brighten your skin with this multi-tasking face primer and serum. Designed to illuminate and prime skin in one simple step, this fast-absorbing formula goes on light and locks in moisture for brighter, more radiant skin—with or without makeup.
Aveeno Positively Radiant MaxGlow Serum + Primer
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Just the Worst Aveeno Ever
This product is a disaster and by far worst Aveeno product I've ever tried. I use serums (retinol and vit c) and I use primer daily and have high expectations. First, product is separated and before using, shake bottle to mix but why couldn't it be a blended consistency when created. It reminds me of oil and vinegar. The product itself is water consistency and feels kind of oily (though it doesn't feel oily applied). Pat it on my face and my face looked glistening and not in a high end illumimating primer sort of way but in a it made my skin look shiny and wet looking but not natural looking. With make up applied over it, you lose the sheen all together and can't tell you are wearing it. I saw no benefits to this, it didn't help my makeup apply better, it didn't grip and extend my foundations life and it didn't give me the flawless blurred canvas I start with before I put my foundation on. The serum didn't seem to make a difference but I didn't use it long enough for it to.
aveeno serum
Gives you glowing skin that keeps you looking radiant. It hydrates skin and good in keeping up your pores!
Aveeno MaxGlow Serum + Primer
I love Aveeno products so when I saw this on the shelves for the 1st time I had to have it! Especially with it having both a primer & serum in one bottle coming in at under $20! Lemme tell you that it did not disappoint! I love how light it is & how quickly it absorbs into my skin. Ive also noticed how my makeup application is more seemless then ever & it lasts the duration of my day- staying on until I'm ready to take it off. Thank you Aveeno for yet another great product!
South moves
It's so smooth and and simple love the smell the smoothness of it I feel like I was drenched in water.
Wow Aveeno is almost as good as....
I never expected a drugstore brand serum to perform the way this one has. I recently decided to try a few different drugstore brand skin products, and see if they could hold up to the more pricey products that my skin had become accustomed to. This particular serum went on beautifully under my makeup, laugh my skin looking hydrated and took away some of the dullness and gave my skin more of a shine without looking oily. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable serum, without sacrificing performance.
Great product
This was an amazing buy. I love products that offers multiple promises when using it. This product leaves the skin feeling so soft and healthy.
Aveeno positively radiant max glow serum
It was amazing upon my first use my skin seemed to glow seemed like it made some of my blemishes disappear. I love it!!
Amazing primer
Amazing the feeling after using I feel fresh clean and my pores from living in Florida it's always hot so when coming here I came across this primer my face has never been this smooth and nice quality of the solution leaves you smelling wonderful.
Smooth And Bright
Aveeno Positively Radiant MaxGlow Serum + Primer is absolutely a great benefit for your skin. I love the way my skin brightens up my dry, dull skin as soon as I apply it. Not only does it give me a more radiant glowy look, it primes my skin, prepares it for my makeup application. It dries with a smooth and soft finish, doesn't give me that tight feeling like most primers leave. The scent is very inviting, suttle and perfect. My foundation goes on so much easier, with an easy glide of my fingers, beauty sponge, or brush. I recommend this to everyone, you'll feel your skin so smooth and with a nice brighter look whether you wear it alone or under your makeup.
I like the way it applies to your skin so refreshing
Healthy glow
It keeps my skin looking fresh and glowing. Great for helping makeup stay on too.
Aveeno Radiance
I am so happy with the nice results from Aveeno Positively Radiant MaxGlow! It gives my skin a moisturizing glow with radiance I have been hoping to renew. Highly reccommend!
I want to test this product and don't see any where to sign up at
I love Aveeno products and I would love to test out this product. This is great because I have been looking for a great primer as well as a serum for the face!

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